One Summer (One Direction)

Annabelle has never been in love, never had her first kiss, her mother has been all she's had for a very long time. Living inside a hospital room isn't exactly the greatest way to meet people. So what happens when she meets the one person that she never wants to forget, on the last summer of her life


6. Annabelle


“Mum you’ll never guess who came in here just before.” I near but shouted as soon as she came through the door of my room. Her face looked shocked as she quickly placed her coffee down on the counter top of the bedside table. She excitedly sat down on the chair wiggling her bottom about as if to say she was excited to find out what was happening.


“Who was it?” she asked eagerly, looking at me.


“Harry Styles.” I blurted out; a blank expression came about on her face.


“Is he a new nurse?” she asked blankly.


“No Mum look over there in that magazine beside you.” I pointed towards the magazine. She opened up the booklet and scanned a few pages.


“Where?” she asked flipping the magazine upside down, I motioned for her to give it to me and so she did.


“Right here on page 43.” I pointed out as soon as I found the correct page. I handed it back over to her and she started to check out the very attractive superstar.


“Oh he’s cute.” She observed taking a closer look at the boy. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I mean I knew I wanted to find her a man this summer but Harry wasn’t exactly what I had in mind!


“Muuuum!” I dragged out embarrassed.


“What! I’m allowed to look aren’t I?” she started to blush. I started giggling, it was quite a sight my mother blushing over a teenage boy!


“Sorry Belle, I’ll stop looking.” She laughed putting the magazine down. “Did you say he came here?” she questioned, and I suspected that she didn’t quite believe me.


“Yes!” I exclaimed, laughing. She smiled but raised an eye brow at me. “I’m serious, even ask that nurse Emily she was here.” I tried to explain but it was no use she was still making fun of me.


“So Harry Styles just waltzed in here confessing his undying love for you eh?” she teased, knowing that it was stirring me up on the inside.


“No, he got the wrong room” I admitted rather embarrassed, because really the only reason why a celebrity like Harry would walk into my room was because he’d gotten the room numbers wrong.


“Wonder who he’d come to visit then.”


“Probably some sick fans.” I guessed.

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