One Summer (One Direction)

Annabelle has never been in love, never had her first kiss, her mother has been all she's had for a very long time. Living inside a hospital room isn't exactly the greatest way to meet people. So what happens when she meets the one person that she never wants to forget, on the last summer of her life


5. Annabelle


“I don’t feel like eating.” I closed my mouth after taking one look at the food in front of me, The nurse just sighed I felt like I’d let her down even though she probably doesn’t actually care about me not wanting to eat, I still felt quite bad.

“You should eat something, Annabelle you need your strength.” She sat down beside my bed, I let out a giant sigh, not really wanting to eat any of the food that sat in front of me. Yet on the other hand she did have a point I was feeling awfully weak right then.

“I don’t want to throw it up.” I cried, tears spilling from my eyes, my sobs erupted through my entire body. I could feel it building and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Aw sweetie, it’s okay.” She rushed over to me and wrapped her nurse arms around my weak shoulders.

“No it won’t be.” I started to cry even harder.

“Honey, I’ll go and get you a tissue, I’ll only be a minute.” She dashed off out of my room in search of some tissues. I sat there blubbering like an idiot when the door handle rustled as someone came into my room.

“Oh Crap sorry, wrong room. I always seem to get lost in these places.” The boy looked awfully embarrassed. I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and reached my hand up to my head making sure my beanie was covering my bare head.

“It’s okay.”I murmured, my vision started to clear and I noticed that this wasn’t the first time I had seen this boy before. In fact I’d seem him quite recently in my magazine.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” I asked him, honestly thinking that my eyes had failed me.

“Wrong room I guess.” He looked quite embarrassed; I was still confused though why the hell was there a celebrity in my room?

“Are you visiting someone?” I questioned, realising my tears had quickly dried up.

“Yeah I am.”He smiled at me, probably thinking that I looked like an idiot.

Just then the nurse appeared once again in the doorway, she looked right at Harry as if it was normal to have Harry Styles in my room, I couldn’t work out what was going on was this some kind of practical joke or something?

“Oh Louis’room is on the next floor.” She smiled and Harry looked over to me.

“Sorry about that um…”

“Annabelle.”I told him. “My name is Annabelle.”

“Nice to meet you Annabelle.” And off he went

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