Three Talented singers known big on YouTube as the Diamonds are invited to stay at faith's grandma's hotel but they don't know what big, talented people are staying there. Faith, Leah and Ebony are about to get a new summer love with the biggest boy band in the world: One Direction. They're all about to feel magic and sparks in the air.


1. Last day




"What? Your leaving?" Asked harry tears in his eyes.

"Yes It the end of summer and we have to go home!" Said Faith taking her bags out of the room.

"What about us?" Asked harry following her.

"What about us? Well harry it was only a summer fling!" Replied Faith looking the door.

"But I didn't want us to be over..." Said harry trying to fight his tears

"Harry we have to move on! It's been so much fun!" Said Faith. She kissed his cheek and grabbed her suitcase and bags and hopped into the Elevator. She looked at her refection on the gold walls. 

"Why did summer have to end so soon?" She asked herself. She found Leah and Ebony and they headed to airport with Jake's friends.  

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