fifty shades of harry styles

Harry and i have been in a relationship and it was all going great but then our lives turned around when there was a surprise on its way


2. the start of the race

“SHIT”I yelled as I looked at a pregnancy test, I sat on the bathroom floor at 6:30 am in the morning after throwing up for about a week.  I thought that it was just the flu but I was curious so I bought a pregnancy test kit two days ago just to make sure. I started to cry on the floor and that must have woken up Harry.

Harry came running into the bathroom and didn’t even knock!

“Baby what’s wrong” he came and sat on the floor next to me and gave me that great hug he gives. Harry looked down in my hand and seen the pregnancy test then looked back up at me.

“Are- are you pregnant? “He questioned and I just nodded

“WOW HOO” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs which wasn’t surprising. He always loved children and always spoke about having one together. I’m kind of glade that he’s happy about it so I don’t have to worry about raising it on my own.

He sat back down and gave me a big hug. “Quick get your coat” he said to me

“Why where are we going” I said

“To the doctors, too see how old the little thing is “he answered

We were off to the doctors to first find out if I’m really pregnant because those things can sometimes be wrong and two if I am really pregnant how old is it. I do admit I’m excited about the fact that I might be pregnant but I don’t want to get my hopes up just in case the test was wrong.

Once we got to the doctors the nervous started to kick in. I was kind of worried now that the test might be wrong. Now that I think of it I would really love to have a baby and to make it better Harry would be the father. I looked over at Harry and he looked nervous to, he turned his head and stared at me with his big green eyes. The look he gave me kind of felt like he was saying ‘I really want this’.

“No matter what happens, if your pregnant or not I’ll still love you and treat you the same as I did before we walked into the doctors, alright” he said to me in his sweet and sensitive tone

“Thank you baby and I love you too” I replied feel blest that that’s my man.

We both took a deep breath and walked in side. We did the normal procedure: went to the front deck came the lady my Medicare card, asked for a doctor, went and sat down and the thing that always happens at the doctors … waited for an hour ‼

After an hour in the waiting room the doctor finally came out and called my name. Harry and I got up out of seats and walked over to the doctor’s room. Once we were inside he told us to sit down and he pointed to the chairs located next to his desk sitting across from the bed/table thing which made me even more nervous, I really didn’t like the fact that if I was pregnant he would, you know have to look inside me on the that thing EWW ‼

“Hi my name is Dr Hun, what brings you here today” he said calmly as he sat down on his chair at his desk

“Hello I’m Claire and this is my boyfriend”

“Yes, yes I know quite well who you both are, I don’t live under a rock you know” he said when he cut me off before I could say Harry’s name

“Um well I would like to have a pregnancy test to check if I really am pregnant and If I am I would like to know how old the baby is” I said trying to swallow my nervous

“Yes of course, here is a jar and over there is the toilet” he told me as he handed me the jar and pointed to a room that had in big bold letters TOILET above the door.

5 minutes later I brought out the jar and he examined it. He told us to go back out to the waiting room and that he would call us back when he had finished. 30 minutes later he came out and called us back in. We went in and sat back down in the two chairs next to his desk.

“Miss I’m happy to say that you are pregnant” he said with a huge smile on his face

Harry and I look at each other and gave each other a massive hug. Once we both calmed down the Dr told us that I was one month pregnant. It was just music to my ears, having a human gro inside of me was just an amazing way of life.

“Would you like to keep everything private or…” he questioned

We both looked at each other “private” we insisted as the first couple of months I’m very fragile and I don’t want to have paparazzi following us even more than they do already.

We signed some paper work and we were on our way back home finally. We got back into the car and I called my Mum and Dad, Narelle and Max was their names. The phone started to ring and then someone picked up.

“Hello Narelle speaking” said a female voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello Mum it’s Claire, how are you” I replied with a cheerful tone in my voice

“Hi darling, I’m fine thank you, I’m just wondering what your calling at this time for, has something happened?” she said in questionable type of voice

“Mum I’m calling to tell you that I’m I just got from back from the doctors and harry and I found out that I’m pregnant, Don’t scream cause your on loud speaker” I said in a quick an nervous voice as I didn’t know what her reaction would be

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA‼‼”She screamed through the other end of the phone

Because my phone was on loud speaker Harry and I looked at each other and just started to laugh. Harry was driving and wasn’t really paying to anything but the road before Mum started to scream.

“Mum, Mum” I said and mum stopped screaming and started to listen to me again

“Mum we aren’t telling anyone so don’t even tell the kids (the kids are my brother and sister) we’re just telling you and dad then Harry’s parents Ann and Steve okay” I stated  as I knew that my mum would write it in the sky if she wanted

“Okay, well I’ve got to go darling talk to you later bye” she replied

“Bye” I said quickly and then hung up

I looked over at Harry as he was taking quick glances at met then he would run his eyes back to the road.

“What” I said in a confused voice but Harry didn’t answer so I asked him again

“Nothing, just trying to figure out how the hell I got a gorgeous girl like you” he said and I started to feel my cheeks blush.

“Thanks babe”

Because my parents lived in Australia (where I was born) we were on our way to Harry’s Mum and step Dad’s house, it was a long drive and it was only 9am so I was still having morning sickness. Harry and I were still driving after an hour spent in the car.

“Eye spy with my little eye” I started saying after a long silence in the car. Harry just looked at me and laughed

“You’re not that bored are you?” Harry replied

I just looked at him with an obvious look and started again

“Something beginning with H” I finished off from my last sentence

“Harry the hotty?” Harry said really quickly

“Um let me think NO” I said whilst trying not to laugh



“Handle” he said again and pointed to the thing on the roof on top of the door

“Oh and nope that’s not it”

“Heater” he said after 5 minutes looking around the car

“Yep” I said in disappointment

“Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with  ...”

“Oh look we’re here” I said cutting harry off

Harry parked the car and we got out. Harry’s mum ran outside and gave us two a massive hug (she didn’t know that we were coming) she told us to come inside. After she walked inside Harry lent over and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“If you want I’ll tell them” he whispered

“Alright” I replied Harry then nodded and he held my hand and we went inside

I always loved Harry’s parents’ house, it was so big and really felt like my home in Australia, the smell smelt like my Nans house that I loved going to when I was a child, and it smelt like homemade cookies and cakes. This house was my home away from home.

“Would you two like anything to eat or drink” Ann said with a tray of cookies and a bottle of wine in both of her hands

“Okay, mum Steve I’ve gotta say something first” harry said quickly

“We’re pregnant” he said after a long wait

 Ann just screamed with joy and Steve came over to harry and I and gave us both a huge hug and then Ann soon followed. She ran back to the kitchen bench and grabbed the tray of cookies and the bottle of wine again and started to walk over to Harry, Steve and I.

“Oh Claire I’ve already forgotten that you can’t have any alcohol, sorry” Ann said putting the wine and cookies on the table and running back to the kitchen

“What would you like to drink?” she said as she reached into a really high up cupboard which she had to stand on her tippy toes for

“Orange juice please” I replied

She put the glass down on the bench then she turned around to the fridge to get out the juice. She turned back around to pour the drink. After she was done she came over and handed me the drink and we all sat down at the table. We all suddenly heard a car and then the front door open.

“Damn it I think its Gemma, okay guys we’re not telling anyone but you guys and Claire’s parents so not even Gemma okay so don’t say  anything, please” Harry said quite quickly and nervously

“Hey guys, I just seen the car out the front, what are you doing here” Gemma said as she walked into the dining room whilst coming over to Harry and I for a hug

“Hi” Harry said

“We’re just visiting” he said after the last sentence

She nodded and then sat down at the table, grabbed a biscuit and started eating it. An hour went by and it was time for Harry and me to head off. It was going to be another long drive to go back home and I was so tired. We said are good-byes and we were off. Three hours went by and we were finally home.

We got in the door, I felt Harry’s hand cross around my stomach and pull me into him. He sat his chin on my right shoulder and started to leave little soft kisses on my neck, it felt so nice and it made my heart race. He closed the door and started to kiss me again then he grabbed my hips and dragged me over to the lounge playfully, I couldn’t stop giggling.

He laid me on the lounge and started to kiss me on the lips passionately and it felt so good but my brain said this might go too far and I guess it was right. I pulled away from the kiss and Harry looked confused and he sat back up.

“Baby, what’s wrong” he mumbled

“That’s just it, ‘Baby’ I don’t think we should be doing this just in case we go too far” I said with an upset tone in my voice 

“We’ve got to start making sacrifices, because if you did notice I’m pregnant” I said soon after my last remark

Harry and I looked at each other and sighed it just started to give up most of the things we loved for this job as a parent work. Harry leant in to give me a gentle kiss on the forehead and then he got up off the lounge and reached out for my hand.

“let’s go to bed to get so rest it’s been a huge day I think we will talk all of this over at breakfast tomorrow ,okay” he said in his vulnerable type toned voice that I loved, because all girls love a guy that got a soft side to him, right?

I took Harry’s hand and we walked up stairs to our bedroom. I got into my pj’s and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Harry being Harry came into the bathroom and completely got undressed then got into the shower, but I didn’t mine he has a gorgeous ass.  After I finished doing my normal routine, doing my hair, my teeth, washing my face, moisturising my hands, neck and face I was ready for bed and about five minutes after I climbed into bed Harry soon followed. He gave me a kiss on the lips goodnight and we both went to sleep.

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