fifty shades of harry styles

Harry and i have been in a relationship and it was all going great but then our lives turned around when there was a surprise on its way


3. it was starting to all become really

Chapter 3

Being 4 months pregnant was starting to get too hard to hide so Harry and I finally told all our family and friends and it wasn’t too long till the media attention started to get too much. I was in nearly in every magazine you seen in the shops and I was always on the news.

Harry and I were sitting on the lounge watching TV when my mobile rang Niall’s name came up on the screen so I picked it up and answered it

“Hello” a cute male’s Irish voice said on the other end of the phone

“Hello Niall how are you” I said back

“I’m fine thanks for asking, um Louis, Zayn, Liam and I were wondering if we could come over to see you Harry and the soon to be child” he questioned

“Sure you can you boys are welcome over here anytime” I said with a clean tone in my voice

“Oh okay then well we’ll be there soon, Bye” he replied

“Bye” I said

“Who was that” Harry asked

“Um Niall and the boys are coming around soon so can you help clean this mess from breakfast up please babe” I said back to Harry

“Sure Hun” Harry said whilst walking past and giving me a kiss on the cheek

20 minutes went by and the doorbell rang as I walked over to the door and opened it there stood all 4 boys with their arms full of baby gifts. There were so many I could hardly see the boy’s faces.

“What is all this “I asked them as I escorted them inside

They all sat the gifts on the lounge and walked back over to Harry and me for hugs. Once we finished I was still waiting for my answer, but I still had no reply. Harry then repeated what I said.

“Um their presents for you, Harry and the baby” Louis said finally in a kind of obverse tone in is voice

I was so excited because I just didn’t have any energy to go baby shopping after all the interviews and on top of that being 4 nearly 5 months pregnant.

“Oh my god boy’s thank you, it means a lot” I told them and gave them all a big hug. The boys have always been there for me when I needed it most. They really do feel like the big brothers I never had and that meant a lot to me.

Niall came over to me and grabbed my arm and took me over to the lounge then sat me down. I looked around and really noticed how many presents there was.

Harry and I were opening all of them and they were beautiful. As we didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl most of the stuff was white. There was a change table and little jumpsuits and much more.

“Boys you’re all so amazing, all of the presents are just so beautiful, thank you” I said to the boys and they came over to me and gave me a huge.

Eventually all the boys went home and harry and I were really super tyred so we both went to bed

“Goodnight baby, sweet dream” Harry said to me and leaned over to give me a goodnight kiss

“Nun night” I replied and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep.

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