Rosso Antico (One shot)

Rosso Antico is a old CSI agent, the best of all.
When he came home from his trip, and had to go on holiday with the family, he knew something was wrong even before he had taken his things and went down to the harbor.


1. Rosso Antico


Rosso Antico was a man in the age of 42, and he was captain on a ship named Story Kings.
The ship was on the way to Liverpool. Six hours and they would be in Liverpool. Rosso was excited about coming home to his family. When they arrive to Liverpool, Rosso family didn’t was there to say hello to him. He got confused, and just stands there beside the ship and wait for them. He waits to everyone have leave, because he thought that he then could find his family, but no, they wasn’t there to say hello to him. He walked home, but something was wrong about his home. There was nobody, and everything in the house was messed up. There used to be clean. But everything just lay around, like if there had been a burglary.
Rosso went out side the house and took his phone up and called the police. The police arrived after a while. Rosso explained to the police that he had just come home from his trip on the ship and he had waited for them, but since they had not come, he went home and looked into the house and found it messy. The police went into the house, in the same moment Rosso phone rings. “Is this Rosso Antico?” Rosso didn’t know how called him, but he answer the man. After a minute or two they hang up. Rosso knew that a person like that man would never be found if the police followed their rules. So Rosso was agreed with him self, that he have to be the old him.


For 22 years ago, he was the best CSI agent in the world. He was 20 years old, and better than everyone else. He met his wife, when he was undercover in Liverpool when he was 30 years old. He proposed to her after two weeks, he never told her that he have been an agent for CSI. He retired from CSI when he came home from his mission. Rosso stopped in CSI because he was so in love with his, then, fiance. Rosso would have a family with her, and he would not have that there was anyone who would try to hurt them. He was afraid that if he continued to work for CSI, he could not have a normal family life. He chose to stop and then he got captain of the ship Story Kings. He was not away for a long time, and every time he came home, he felt like if he was in paradise.


The man from the phone was Russian. Rosso only known one Russian, Luka Titov, and he died 14 years ago. Rosso took his phone up and pressed a number to one from Interpol.

"Hey old man, how are you? Is Rosso, I need your help. Can you met me in London?"


4 hours later Rosso was in London. Dirty Dicks is a pub Rosso and all from CSI or Interpol used when they were in London on a mission. Rosso arrived into the pub and went up and sits at the bar and waited for his old friend, Tony.

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