5 Boys, 10 Dates, 1 Choice

Grace is a really good singer and her manger and one directions manger got together and Grace has to go on a date with all the boys twice and then has to chose 1 one of the boys.


2. 5 Boys, 10 Dates, 1 Choice- Chapter 2


Ruby won't stop calling me. Yeah I know I shouldn't be ignoring her because she is my manger and I could loose my job but I'm not on the mood to talk about dating right now.

I decided I would go and talk to my best friend Eva about it all because if no one knew what what to do she would. On the way to Eva's place I went to the supermarket and got some ice cream and lollies so we can talk and get fat at the same time. Not that eating junk food makes me fat.

When I got to Eva's house I unlocked the door (I have a key for her house and she has a key for mine) and walked into her room. I knew she would still be asleep. It was like 1 in the afternoon and she was asleep.

'EVA GET UP NOW I NEED TO TALK TO YOU' I yelled at her witch made her jump out of bed and run into her bathroom to get ready (witch I don't know why because all we are going to do is talk) for her half day.

'Hey grace. What you doing here?' Eva asked me

'I just though I would come and see my best friend but if you don't want me here that's fine. You know I would just leave and go back to work even though I have some time of' I told her.

'Of course I want you here silly. I dot get to see you as much now that you are a big rock star but hey that's your life.' Eva told me.

'So what did u really come here for because I like never see you now and you only ever come here to talk about boys or Ruby's being a dick again' Eva told/asked me.

'Im both this time buddie' I told Eva and we both got a spoon and sat on the lounge.

'WOW! How can that be possible that you are having a problem with both?' Eva asked me.

'Ok so start explaining we have all day' Eva told me while eating ice cream.

'I'm sorry babe but we only have half the day' i told her while laughing.

I explained that whole thing to Eva and she thought that i should move on but maybe it's two early but then if I want to keep my job I might have to start dating who ever the people are that ruby has for me to date.

After talking to Eva and she saying she needs more beauty sleep I left my house and decided that I need to tell ruby what I thought about her telling me who to date and who not to date and what is going to happen because she can't be living my life for me when she has her own to live.


I can't wait to see this girl that our manger said that we have to date, I think he said her name we Grace. Paul said that she doesn't want to day anyone right now and that she said to her manger that she if fine with eating ice cream but I would be fine with eating ice cream to but I want to start dating just as much as I do eating ice cream.

We were getting ready to go to Grace's mangers office to talk to her and then she is going to call Grace I. So we are going to talk to her as well. For her sake I hope she likes us.


I hope Grace is hot. Even though she gets to choose one of us boys in positive that she will choose me. What is there not to love about me. I'm fit, I'm funny and most of all these curls, they are loveable aren't they?

I can't wait to see her.


I have just started seeing a girl and they are going to make me far someone I don't know and might not even like. I hate manger.


I have just broken up with my girlfriend and now they are making me date someone. This should be good because I still have feelings for Emily.


I have been asking my self the same questions for the past week.

Why do mangers get to run your life?

And why do I have to date again?

If only I knew the answers.

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