5 Boys, 10 Dates, 1 Choice

Grace is a really good singer and her manger and one directions manger got together and Grace has to go on a date with all the boys twice and then has to chose 1 one of the boys.


1. 5 Boys, 10 Dates, 1 Choice- chapter 1



It was late Friday night and I have been asked to stay back so my manger can talk to me.

My job is a singer and I sing all around the world for everyone. I'm always asked to sing for the kids in hospital.

"Grace" My manger 'Ruby' called me into her office while we are at home.

"Yes Ruby" I asked kinda annoyed that I had to stay back because she had to tell me something.

"I have something to tell you." Ruby told me.

"Isn't that why you kept me back?" I asked Ruby.

"Don't get angry at me missy, this is a good thing." Ruby tried to get me to clam down, but last night I had the worst sleep and I want to get home and go to bed I was so tired.

"What is it then?" I asked her trying to get her to hurry up because I was ready for bed.

"You are going to start dating again." Ruby told me.

"Um no I'm not. I'm sorry but I can't start dating when I'm ready and right now I'm not." I told her.

If she this I'm going to start dating again she is crazy.bit had going been 3 months since my husband divorced me because he thought I was cheating and I'm not ready to date again. I know I might have been young when I got married but if someone really thought it was best not to they would have said something and no one said anything about not getting married because you are to young. I was 18 when I got married and I'm now 21. We were married for 3 years but everyday we fought. Ruby can't think that I'm going to move on in 3 months because I thought I loved Jake and I thought he loved me back but I guess not.

"Grace you need to get over Jake. He only broke your heart and you need to find someone better them him to fix it." Ruby told me. What does she mean I need to find someone to fix it?

"Ruby it has been 3 months since Jake divorced me. 3 months. I will date when I'm ready and I don't need anyone trying to fix my heart because I'm sure I can do that all by my self." I explained to her.

"I'm sorry Grace but it is to late you are going to date someone because I have already organised that you re going to be going on 10 dates with 5 boys and you have to choose one." Ruby told me.

"Really? You think you can run my life but I'm sorry I'm not going to let you because I don't wont to date yet I'm not ready to move on I'm fine with eating ice cream on my time of because I don't have to worry about anyone" I told Ruby and tuned around and walked out.

She is not going to make me date someone I don't even know, when I don't even want to date yet.

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