I Solemnly Swear - Tales of Love and Loss

Dive into the land of love and desperation with 'I Solemnly Swear'. A collection of short stories both written and compiled together by Nella Grace, this book will have you laughing and crying in no time.
The stories in this book are based on songs, dreams and real life experiences.


4. Possessionless


I live a fulfilling life. I have everything I need and more, I’m surrounded by people who love me; I couldn’t have asked for more. Then one day you came into my life, you came and blew me away. I do not crave what I don’t have, nor do I need more than I’ve got; and I want to show you that. I want to show you that I do not care for material possessions; that I am content with all that I have.

In this world people expect their significant other to bring material possessions into the relationship, that they’re to offer up all that they own, eventually they forget the wonderful person they fell for; now in love with their possessions.

That is why I stand before you as I do. It’s just me that I offer up. All I have is my body and it’s naked for you. I will not be loved for the clothes I wear. All I have is my heart that I’m willing to lose. I will not be loved for my face, only for who I am as a person. In this life, I’m giving it everything. No lies or deceptions; just pure and unconditional love for those who want it. All I have is this soul, and it’s shedding it clothes. Can you see who I am now you’re standing this close? I stand here transparent before you.

I love you for everything that you are. From your adorable smile to the way you throw your head back when you laugh. All I want is for you to see me as I am, love me for all that I am. I want you to forget about everything we have, and just love one another as we are. The most beautiful kind of love is the love that is possessionless. 

All that I offer you is me. I offer all that I am in its most raw and natural state. I will never hide from you, never lie to you or pretend to be someone else.

For you I’ll learn to look in the mirror, although I’m not perfect I will learn to love me as I am. For you I’ll always be there, say the word and I’ll be there in five.

I’ve always been scared of love, afraid that they’ll only love me for what I have. My material possessions do not define who I am.

Can you love me just as I am? Or are you going to walk away?

Do you love me? Or all that I have?

Will you take me as I am? Or will you break my heart? 

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