I Solemnly Swear - Tales of Love and Loss

Dive into the land of love and desperation with 'I Solemnly Swear'. A collection of short stories both written and compiled together by Nella Grace, this book will have you laughing and crying in no time.
The stories in this book are based on songs, dreams and real life experiences.


3. Can't Break it to My Heart


Every night I go through the same routine, everything is done the way I’ve done it countless nights before, the only difference is that you’re no longer here. I still leave your bed light on, and leave your water glass where it belongs. Every night I lay awake, pretending I’m curled up at your side. I continue to circle in patterns, living inside my memories because I just can’t accept that there’s no more you and me.

I wonder if it was me, if I’d done something wrong. I will never believe that loving you was just a waste of time. Was it in my head? Because I’m reading into things you never said. I still don’t have the answers, but I so want to figure it out. I desperately want to think it was something I did, so I have a chance to turn it back around.

I want to believe we’re perfect in every single way, that everything is still the same. I still don’t have the answers to why we couldn’t work it out. I’ll be fine, as long as I can keep the truth from my heart.

Because  if I still believe you love me, then maybe I’ll survive; so I keep telling myself you’re coming home like you’ve done a million times. No matter how I try, I continue loving you, because I just can’t break it to my heart.


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