My Little Swedish Girl (Liam Payne fanfiction)

Alex is normal teenage girl, with not so normal life. She was kidnapped, when her parents died. Her brother, is trying to find her. She's not in her home county, she's in London, with her kidnapper. He abuses and rapes her.He has her in dirty, dark room, and she's locked in. And he also starves her. But what happens, when Liam Payne hears her cry, and saves her? And what happens, when she finds out, that her brother is Swedish singer Eric Saade? And there's a problem too, she doesn't understand English.


1. I need to save her...



**3rd person P.O.V. **

Alexandra was there in room, alone. She was scared. How she wouldn't be? A man, who kidnaped her, rapes her, bullies and abuses her.

Even if she doesn't understand English, she understands how much he hates her. She cries every night. God knows how many broken bones she has. And how much blood did she lose.

She's hungry, he barley feeds her. Once on two weeks. But still, she has a little hope in her. Maybe someone will save her one day.


**Liam's P.O.V. **


I went in my apartment, when I heard crying and screaming again. This is almost every day, since I moved here. It hurt me. A girl is in there. I don't know how much longer I will stand that. Something inside of me keeps saying 'Save her. You can let her in there.'

I knew, I had to. So I decided I will.

The screaming stopped in few minutes but I still heard crying and shouting. But she didn't shout. He did. The man who lives in there. He's big and strong. I couldn't deal with him.

So I waited, for that man. I hided so he couldn't see me. After he left apartment I ran in, it wasn't locked. I followed the sounds of crying. In few seconds I found her.

She had brown eyes, brown hair and she was beautiful. But fear in her eyes. I knew, I can't go to close but we don't have time. "Hi sweetie. I won't hurt you. I promise.

Let's go out of here." She stared at me but didn't calm. No, she cried even more.  'Maybe she didn't understand' I thought. As I came closer she started to shake and she hugged and her knees.

I was scared because of that man. I'm nothing beside him. So fear or not I slowly took her hand and then lift her in bridal style. She didn't kick or nothing. Just cried. I carried her in my apartment locked it and then carried her in bedroom. "Shh..."  As I sang to her little things and calmed her.

"I won't let this little things slip out, of my mouth...But if I do, it's you, it's you, they add up to..." after few minutes she stopped crying. I didn't touch her anymore, 'cause I didn't want her to be scared of me. She didn't sleep, she was too stressed. Slowly I got up, and went into kitchen. I made her a dinner.

Then I went back and give it to her. She didn't know how to use a fork and she was scared of a knife. Well this won't be easy. "I think you will be okay with sandwich. I'll be in second." I made her a sandwich and gave it to her. She stopped after three bites.

Her eyes looked at me, as question if she can eat more. I nodded and smiled at her. After few more bites she stopped. I think she couldn't eat more. She shook her head and pushed plate away.  But then she took it back quickly.

Was she afraid I'm going to punch her? I would never to that. Or maybe she thought she won't eat for long time, since she was so skinny. I took her plate and put it on cupboard. She looked down and closed her eyes. But in few seconds she looked at me and hand.

She looked surprised. What did she thought? "S-shower" she said in cute accent. I nodded, and lift her up in my lap. She mumbled a quiet ‘ouch’.  After I left her in bathroom I waited outside. After few minutes I heard a loud noise. She cried and I knew she fell. I opened the doors.

She was in her underwear and bra luckily. But as I sow her, I was speechless. Bruises and scars all over her body. She was also very skinny. And I also saw she didn't take a shower yet. She wasn't wet. "Shh..." I sang her little things again... After few minutes I put her bath and helped her at washing.

She wasn't comfortable in front of me since she was in underwear and her bra. But she trusted me a little. "Okay love.’’  I wrapped a towel around her. Then I gave her my pants and my sweater. "I'm Liam" I pointed on me and smiled. She was quiet but just few seconds »J-Jag är a-Alexandra« she said. Well she's Swedish.

I think.  "Alex.« I repeated and smiled. Beautiful as her. We sat on my bed when we heard loud noise outside. "You bitch!!! Alexandra!! Where are you? You're going to suffer like hell." it was man who had her. She looked at me with fear. She got up and almost fell.

I helped her back on bed. Then she pointed on the door. Did she want to go back? "No. You here. Wait. Shh" I hid her into closet. We both knew he will knock on all doors and wanted to find her. "ALEXANDRA YOU BITCH!!" I heard loud knock on the door. I was scared but I knew I need to save her somehow.

As I opened the door his angry face showed up. Stay cool. "Sir, are you okay?" I asked. "The girl is here. I know she is. Where is she?!" he ran in and searched everywhere. I prayed that he won't find her

. "Where is that Swedish slut?" okay I was right, she is Swedish, but it's not important now. "Sir, nobody is here. I'm alone. Please leave." I said with my calm voice. But he didn't listened to me, he went in bathroom, guest room, kitchen...Everywhere.

As last, he went in the bedroom. I was really nervous. "Why is bed in blood?" he asked and gave me a death glare.

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