I love you

This is my love story with the one and only Harry styles, it has a bit of swearing in it, sorry,
Danielle- Liam's real girlfriend
Shanae Taylor faint


1. The breakup

Chapter 1
" shut up haylee" laughed daena
" ahahahaha" I laughed as I made fun of cam wow photos.
" hey haylee, daena, come and dance with me" said dannielle
I got up willingly but daena seemed a bit tense, after a while she loosened up but I could still tell something was on her mind,
" daena are you okay"
Daena smiled but lost it " I can't believe it , Tristan broke up with me" she sopped
I couldn't believe my eyes I had never seen her cry before , I felt saltwater bubble up but I had to be strong for her sake ,
"omg daena I am so sorry I knows you really liked him" replied dannielle, i tried to hold it in but i just couldnt, my anger management got to me again and I snapped" HOW DARE HE!!!!" I roared. daena and dannielle looked at me funny, they must of thought that I was more up set then daena was but the truth is I really was, I had seen that relationship grow and I had known the reason it ended he cheated on her and I didn't have the guts to tell her, I knew I did she would be really upset and I just couldnt bear it!!

I'm am so sorry daena you really don't deserve this! I told her , she just looked up, I saw her smile at the window, a tear rolling her face, I spun around to see Harry, Zayn and Louis looking through the window, I smiled and went to open it,

" hey gurlz" yelled Zayn
" sup " Chanted harry as he smiled at me.
" what's wrong daena?? " asked Louis "
" nothing " she replied as she quickly wiped away her tears, for some reason she is always so strong and cool around him, think she likes him, I can't be sure though.
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