I love you

This is my love story with the one and only Harry styles, it has a bit of swearing in it, sorry,
Danielle- Liam's real girlfriend
Shanae Taylor faint


2. Her!!

Chapter 2
So I decide to move on from that situation, things always seemed to get really awkward around those two.
" so ummm..... Hey dannie" smiled Zayn
Dannielle blushed , it was so obvious that those two liked each other it was so cute ....... but then .. IT happened , she walked in. Shanae Taylor-faint,
" WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE!!!" I scream ,
Zayn smiled " this is my new girlfriend" he smiled and so did everyone else, you see no one else knows this but Tristan cheated on daena with shanae, so I just couldn't believe my eyes,
" get out " I whispered
"I'm sorry " asked Zayn
" GET OUT!!"
Zayn looked at me with hurt in his eyes ubviously upset with what he was hearing
" why?"
He and shanae left but everyone looked at me like I was the bad guy!
" EVERYBODY, out" my words faded as everybody left but Harry.
He looked so concern and I could see the hurt in his eyes, those beautiful green eyes,
" hayle....
" just don't" I cut him off , I just.... I really didn't want to talk about it. He smiled
" what" I smiled, I can't help but smile when I'm around him, he is just so damn cute!
He leans in, and smiles even more, I lean in as well but obviously not for good reason as he tackled me to the bed, he smiled even more.
" what is so funny" I giggled
It's just I.... I...... um" he trying to tell me something important, I could tell from the seriousness,he was interrupted by Louis
" come on Harry we have to go"
"Yea okay"
He got up and left leaving me unsatified with no clue what he was going to say, I got up to apologise to everyone before they left but all I saw was shanae
" don't ever come here again" I growled
" but I like it here"
"Leave now"
" nah I think I like this one "
" leave Zayn be, he doesn't need you fucking up his life"
" I call it spicing"
I snapped in anger I couldn't hold it in any longer I hit her, square in the face, as soon as I did it I instantly felt better but then I regretted what I just did, I knew that this was going to bite me in the arse later but for now I had to play it off.
"OMG shanae are you okay?" I cried
Zayn flew around the corner " what happened?"
Before shanae could even make a sound I cried " I went to apologise to her and when she walked over here she tripped and fell towards the wall"
Shanae glared at me and I smiled.
Zayn picked her up.
" don't worry babe ill take care of you"
And with that he turned and carried her to the car.
"Wait I yelled, I just want to say sorry"
Zayn walked over to me.
" it's just that when I saw........HER in your arms and not dannielle, I.....I just.......I just snapped"
" it's fine" he smiled
And returned toward the car.
Before he left he shouted
" does dannielle like me?"
I just smiled and nodded in reply, he smiled like I had never seen him smile before and drove off
After everyone left I took a warm shower,
What had just happened? What did Harry want to tell me? Why did Zayn choose shanae over dannielle? All these questions ran through my head as I tried to calm myself down,
I stepped out of the shower and chucked on Harry's
Old jumper,some pj pants and collapsed into my bed, I was exhausted and after a hour or so of thinking I finally drifted of to sleep.
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