I love you

This is my love story with the one and only Harry styles, it has a bit of swearing in it, sorry,
Danielle- Liam's real girlfriend
Shanae Taylor faint


3. Daena

Chapter 3
I was awoken by someone entering the room, it was Niall , he had stayed the night at Chloe's house, a smile came over me as he canon bombed the bed (Niall and I are best friends and have been like that forever, he was like a brother to me and I loved him for that) he just smiled and laughed
"What" I questioned
" I heard shanae was going out with Zayn "
" please do not get me started on her"
" I dont see why you hate her so much, well besides the point that she's beyond ugly"
" it's just that she...... She cheated .........and Tristan," I tried to speak but I just couldn't
Niall's eyes widened "is that why he dumped her"
I looked down" yea"
" have you told daena?"
"Well you need too"
"I know I cried out" flopping backwards on the bed.
" and you have to tell Zayn " he spoke so softly and calmly.
" I will but not now "
Niall walked into the bathroom and got changed or took a shower or something I couldn't tell the door was closed. I was to busy to worry about that anyway I had to organise this problem. I decided to tell daena first and then Zayn, Niall came back out and left the bathroom and opened the bedroom door.
" I going to the studio" he mumbled as the left.
As soon as he left I practically jumped at the phone
"Daena picked up
"Who is this what the hell you want?"
" It's me, haylee I.......I uh need you to come over for a while"
Daena hung up the phone and several minutes later she appeared at my door. I let her in and we went to my bed room and sat on my bed.
"So what's up"
" um I know why Tristan, broke up with you,"
"What tell me now..."
We sat in silence for a while,
" hurry up you mong" she cried
I looked at her
" he broke up with you because he, he..... HE FUCKED SHANAE! And he wanted her not you"
I looked down as she sat in horror,
" how do you know this" her voice sounded hollow
She sent me a picture and a recording of it" I whispered
Daena stood up and left, she looked pissed I followed her to her car
"Daena what are you doing?"
She just smiled " get in the car"
I smiled as I knew we were going to fuck shit up.
He arrived at zayns house, dannielle was there and so was shanae ,
" shanae would you kindly come here a moment!" She demanded
Zayn smiled " look you girls have come here to bond"
" something like that "
that cheeky smile of daena just made me chuckle
Shanae walked over cautiously, daena smiled " I just want to say"
Whack daena hit her and again and again ? Elbows, slaps and punches, she was serious,
i stood and watched not smiling anymore I was scared. scared for shanaes life,
dannielle and I exchanged looks and tried to stop her , Zayn stopped staring in horror and helped us.
daena still wouldn't stop even when we had her. she was kicking and screaming, and right when her foot connected with shanaes head Louis ,Harry and the rest of the members walked in,
" DAENA STOP !! " yelled Louis,
Daena instantly stopped and dropped to her knees
" what's she talking about?" Asked Zayn
Niall looked at me and sighed before he and I began to explain everything.
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