Finally- A Harry Styles Love Story

Jennifer is a girl who had A rough life and still does. She meets a boy and puts both of their life's at risk


1. Flashback

I walked into the motel i had to stay at. I was broke and needed a place to stay only this one. I remember I was raped here
I was walking home from the 7 11. When a guy grabbed me. And pulled me into an ice cream truck. He drove away after tying my hands together and duct taping my mouth. I was stuck. After an hour of driving he stopped. Pulled me out and ripped off my shirt with a knife.he slapped my boobs around. And then stuck one into his mouth and bit it. I screamed. He put the knife to my neck and cut of almost all of my hair. He cut my shorts open. And ripped my underwear off with his teeth. He took off his clothes. His cock was 14 inches minimum. Exact was 25 inches. I panicked. He bent me over. Two other guys stepped out. The first guy got on the motel bed and stuck his cock all the way into my ass. The other guy who had a larger cock then the first stuck it all the way into my vAgina. The third rippd off the duct tape and stuck his in my mouth and Down my throut. They went really hard and fast and deep. I even bled.
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