HELP ME! (15+)

Avril is as you can say a "sex slave". But its by her dad and his friends. Her mom died while she was giving birth and has no siblings therefore there is no-one to stop thwm from doing that things that they do to her. But one irish charm saves her from her and takes her in. They start to become close but the dad reports that she is stolen and they are hunting them down. Will she stay will niall?? Or go back to the cruel world of her dad?????


45. you killed him

AVRILS P.O.V~ who ever it was surprisingly let me go. I turned around and i was face to face with dillion. "YOU BITCH!" i yelled striking him across his face. "What was that f-" " dont even ask you know why i did that." I cut him off. "Well sorry i didnt mean to kill anyone. Or at least try to." He yelled as i ran up to harry. I cant loose him again. I sat ontop of him holding his cheeks. "Common baby you gotta get up." I whispered. His eyes slowly started fluttering open. A big smile crept up on my face. He started coughing and Sneezing out dirt. Everyone started clapping. Harry wrapped his arms around my Neck squeezing me tightly. " a little to tight there." I barely said. He stopped and went around hugging everyone else. " hazz we thought you were gone!" Louis said. "Glad youre back." Dillion said starting to trail off. "he's not getting away That easy." Harry whispered. He balled up his fist till you can see the white one the tip Of his knuckles and he started running up to him. HARRYS P.O.V i kept punching dillion in his face and he dropped to the ground. I sat ontop of him putting my knees on his arms and started punching him in his face. "HARRY STOP!" Av yelled. Everything started to go in slo motion. I turned back to dillion and kept hitting him then it Went normal. Someone jumped on me making me fall over off him. AVRIL P.O.V~ i had to do something.. he was near killing this guy. I started running twards them. "HARRY STOP!"i yelled. I finally reached them and jumped on harry making him Fall off dillion. I crawled over to dillion looking at the damage. well yeah i hated him but i just cant see people die even of i dont want anything to do with them. I shook him a little. "Dillion." I whispered. "LIAM COME HERE!" I shouted feeling the tears burn through my eyes. "What what is it!" He asked. " check his pulse please." I asked. My whole body started shaking. Liams head hung low and i knew he was dead. I turned to harry who was still on tge ground watching us. "You killed him." I whispered.
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