HELP ME! (15+)

Avril is as you can say a "sex slave". But its by her dad and his friends. Her mom died while she was giving birth and has no siblings therefore there is no-one to stop thwm from doing that things that they do to her. But one irish charm saves her from her and takes her in. They start to become close but the dad reports that she is stolen and they are hunting them down. Will she stay will niall?? Or go back to the cruel world of her dad?????


16. the talk

AVRIL P.O.V when i woke everyo e was gone. Except harry. I got up and stretched making my back crack. Harry started moving and i quickly ran into the kitchen. I got out a bowl as quitely as i could. ' why are you up so early?' dammit! I continued what i was doing. ' did you not here me?' he asked stepping closer. - beep beep beep- i took my oatmeal out sitting down and started eating. Harry sat infront me. His face looking serious. ' why wont you answer?' he asked. ' its that dream isnt it?' he said. I nodded. ' what happened?' ' did i hurt you or rape you or something?' he asked. I didnt even know if he rwally did in the dream. I shrugged my shoulders. ' what exactly happened?' he said grabbing my hand. I pushed the bowl aside. ' when i woke up i had looked at the clock then turned over in bed and saw you laying there. Then i lifted up the cover and both of us were naked.' He started smiling. ' did tou like what tou saw?' it wasnt funny. I had no feelings for him AT ALL! I stared at him. ' no. Nialls view looks better.' i spat taking my hand away. I heard the front door open and people shouting. ' AVRIL HARRY WERE HOMME!' louis yelled. ' we never talked.' i whispered before running into nialls fully loaded arms. ' BABE I MISSED YOU!' he yelled spinning me around dropping things also. ' he wouldnt shutup about us leaving you with harry.' liam said. I felt bad for harry. Niall thinks he would harm me an also he sees me with niall and gets mad. ' were fine.' i said. ' fid he touch you or anything?' he lowly whispered im my ear. ' no you perve. Only ny hand." i whispered back. ' harry mind if i talk to you ALONE?' niall said pushing me out the way. They both went upstairs. I glared at the boy as they stood infront of the steps as if gaurding them. I heard bumping. They were fighting. I tried getting past the boys but they shoved me back. ' what the hell let me past! Thwy could be killing eachpther.' i yelled. They looked at eachpther and slowly moved but i shoved them dashing up the steps. Nialls door was shut and i could hear them yelling and more thumping. I flung the door opened and niall was ontop of harry tryig to hit him. Harry rolled ontop of niall starting to beat the shit out his stomache. I tackled harry pulling him off niall but it was hard. VERY! ' BOYS STOP IT NOW!' i yelled. They stood up looking at eachother. ' NIALL IMNNOT IMPRESSED OF YOU TRYING TO BE TOUGH ALL THE DAMN TIME WHEN HES AROUND?' i cried pointing at harry. ' I SEE THE WAY YOU TWO FLIRT!' he yelled back. ' FOR THE LAST GOT DAMN TIME! WE WERE PLAYING!!! AND IF EVERYTIME WE BE AROUND EACHOTHER YOU GO FUCKING CRAZY AND FIGHT ALL THE TIME THEN WE CANT BE TOGETHER!' i screamed. His face totally changed into sorrow. ' dont say the avril. We can be together.' he cried. ' not if tou get jelous and mad at every single thing we do! Im tryig to make harry and i become friends. But if you get jelous all the time the arrangment will never happen.' i pointed to the door. Both of them got up but i blocked harry from leaving. He sat back down putting on his beanie. Niall turned around. ' how come he-' 'Go niall' i said cutting him off. He slammed the door walking up to me. ' DONT EVER CUT ME OFF OK? NOW IM YOUR BOYFRIEND! HOW COME HE GETS TO STAY? HUH YOU PLANNING TO GIVE HIM A BJ OR HAVE SEX WITH HIM? WELL TELL ME IF HES GOOD OR NOT! MAYBE EVEN BETTER THAN ME!' he yelled in my face. And with that he left. ' i think i should really go.' harry insisted. ' no i need to talk to you.' ' listen avril as much as i love you things arent going to get better between us when your dating niall. Even if you werent. I just dont think we could be friends.' Why would he say that we can be friends. ' here take this to have something to remember me by. Cause youll never see me again. Maybe if you come with niall to the studio or a concert til then you wont EVER see me.' he tossed me his beanie. ' harry dont go.' i whined. But he had already left. I pulled on the beanie quickly getting up racing down the steps. When i got down there the door just closed. Zayn was smoking. Liam and louis making a twitcam i guess and niall was drinking. I didnt have time for them. I ran out the house looking around. A black rangerover was speeding away. I started runnig after it. Knowing i wasnt gonna catch up with him. A cab driver was putting peoples bag in the trunk and i slid in the drivers seat quickly driving away. Wjat was i doing? Stealing a car to go after someone i dont even love. Or do i? NO NO I DONT! I started seeing his range rover in sight. He got out the car walking up to a house. No not a house. A club. I quickly got out walking up to the place. Harry just went inside. Its to early to be in a club. When i walked in million of people were dancing. It was very dark in here with only music pumping and the strobe lights going off. I was never gonna find him here. There was an upstairs too. ' DAMMIT!' i yelled. It got drowned out by rhe music. I tapped a womans shoulder. ' um sorry to interupt you but have you seen a tall curly haired boy. Wearing a grey shirt with blacl toght jeans. And black converses.?' she shook her head no. ' sorry they all look the same to me.' she said turning back a group of people. Well that wasnt help. I started walking around. ' what are you doing here avril?' i twirled around and found harry with a bottle in his hands. I knocked ot out watching it break. I wrapped my arms around harrys torso. ' your not leaving us.' i said. He pushed me off. ' dont act like you care about me.' he slurred. I could tell he was drunk or halway there. I placed both my hands on either cheek pulling him in for a kiss. his tongue went over mine so i pulled back. ' i do care about you harry. I really do.' ' he started smiling. ' i may seem drunk but im 100% not. And im telling niall about this koment.' he smiled. He ran away. ' dammit no!' **** ' promise not to tell ANYONE that happened.' i begged as harry pulled up to nialls 'i promise.' he chuckled. ' you love me.' he said as he opened the door for me. ' i do not!' i laughed. He chuckled. ' yes you do!' he said walking behind me. ' nope youve mistaken me for someone.' i said smiling. We walked in the house still going on. ' yep you do.' ' nope i dont.' i sang. ' yeah whatever.' *** It was 10:15pm and niall, and liam were sleep. The fun ones were up. Well clearly they are fun for not walking away and sleeping. I passed a guest room and heard the guitar strumming and someone singing. ' they dont know what we do best Its between me and you Our little secret but i wanna Tell em i wanna tell The world that your miiinee Oh! They dont know about the things We do. They dont know about the I love yous But i betcha if they only knew They would just be jelous of us. He stopped. ' you can come in if you want avril.' harry called behind the CLOSED door. How did he know i was listening? I slowly opened the door. ' i heard you stop walking.' he said scoothing over. I layed down but still sat up with my back against the headboard. ' i couldve benn zayn or louis.' i smiled. ' i can also hear them arguing over the game.' he smirked. That was true. They were sxreaming. ' i also saw you purple socks stop outside the door.' He playfully hit him. ' see look were getting along.' i said. ' and you were gonna leave.' he picked back up the guitar lightly strumming. ' can i see it?' i asked. He took off the strap handling it to me. ' did you forget.....that i was even alive Did you forget..... Everything we ever Hadd. Did you forget? Did you forget Bout me? Harry joined in. ' did you regret ( did you regret) Ever standing by my side even more In love then we were before I wont- did you....' Harry completly messed it up. ' YOU MESSED EVERYTHING UP!' i joked. He started laughing. ' sorry. I hated that song. It always made me wanna cry.' his face went serious. ' why?' i asked. ' my dad.' i didnt quite know what hapoened. ' your hand fits in mine like its made Just for me.....' I started. I laced harry and I's fingers. ' but bare thia in mind It was meant to be...' ' and im joinin up the dots With the freckles on your cheeks But it all makes sense to me.' This time harry was crying. ' its ok.' i lightly said playing with one of his curls. ' we can go somewhere fun tomorrow. Me and you.' i said hoping to cheer him up. ' i would live that. Vut what about the rest?' ' they wouldnt mind. Mainly niall.' lie. He'd be pissed i didnt invite him. This wasnt a date. I just wanted to get to know harry better. That kiss meant nothing. I actually wish that never happened. ' well im going to bed.' i said laying the guitar besdie the bed. ' night harry.' i smiled. He waved. ' night av.' I walked into the room with niall. He was sprawled out on the bed. I moved his arm and leg aside climbing in. Nialls arms snaked around my waist pulling me closer. ' i loved your singing. It put meto sleep.' he said. I turned over staring into his eyes. I kissed his nose. ' night baby.' i whispered before falling asleep.
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