HELP ME! (15+)

Avril is as you can say a "sex slave". But its by her dad and his friends. Her mom died while she was giving birth and has no siblings therefore there is no-one to stop thwm from doing that things that they do to her. But one irish charm saves her from her and takes her in. They start to become close but the dad reports that she is stolen and they are hunting them down. Will she stay will niall?? Or go back to the cruel world of her dad?????


29. the one named harry

AVRIL P.O.V i woke up and stretched. first night i could ever sleep perfectly without emma screaming. to my surprise she wasnt even in her crib. niall wasnt there either. he better have not taken her. i ran downstairs. empty. i ran everywhere. i was the only one there except nialls mum who was still sleep. i slowly closed her door and called niall. it went straight to voicemail. im going to kill him when i see him. like foreal. i didnt say he could just take her and leave! ** 2 hours later** so basically the living room and nialls room is trashed by me. everything was thrown everywhere. niall still hasnt been back. the front door open and niall had emma and bags in his hands. i snatched her out his arms laying her down in her crib and she instantly fell asleep. i went back to niall who was smiling at me. ' WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN!?' i yelled crossing my arms. ' relax babe, i.just went shopping.' he calmly replied. ' DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING WORRIED I WAS!? LIKE I THRASHED YOUR HOUSE!' i screamed. ' sorry.' he said laying on the couch. ' IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY?! AND THEN JUST LAY DOWN?! NO HUG OR A REAL APOLOGY?!' i kept yelling. ' are you gonna give me a hug or am i gonna have to get up to give you one?' he asked focusing on the t.v. ' THATS ALRIGHT I DONT WANT ONE ANYWAY! YOUVE BEEN ACTING LIKE A REAL BITCH LATLY YOU KNOW!' i spat walking in the kitchen. i felt hands grab mine pinning them to the cabinets. ' ive been acting like what?' niall whispered. his voice tone was turnin me on. truthfully. ' i know you want me right now. you want me to take you and shove my cock in you dont you? i feel it. your squeezing your legs together and tensing up. is that what you want? me to take you down right here' niall lectured. i.felt a tent his.pants. ' shit.' i moaned. he slid his fingers down my pants turning me around. i gasped as i felt.he cold fingers rub circles in my clit. ' mhhmmm.' i moaned. ' you want my cock in you now dont you?' niall growled. ' y-ye-yes.' i stuttered. niall stuck 2 fingers in me making my legs weak. ' N-NIALL!' i yelled. the pleasure was so intense. i came all over his fingers and he slowly sucked his fingers. ' im not taking you here. or at least now.' he said before walking off. ' WHAT WHY!?' i questioned him. he turned back to me and smiled. ' im not ready to fuck you so hard.' he said. i smiled. ' yeh well.if you go to hard and hurt me. ill hit your little tiny cock so hard itll be.purple for the rest.of.your life.' i teased. ' you think its little and tiny?' he asked raising.a brow. i nodded. he.pulled out a tape? and put it in hitting play. niall and i were laying on the bed him ontop of me both naked. ' you ready baby?' he asked. i had nodded. he then slid in me and i yelled. ' fuck niall your huge!' i screamed. niall stopped the tape. ' now what was that?' he asked. ' NIALL DID YOU MAKE A SEX TAPE OF US!?' i shouted. he nodded. ' yep. its on redtube also.' he added. i stood there shocked. he exposed my whole body to the internet. ' looks to me we got 120,746,234 views. they love us babe. we should do more.' so this is how he wanted us to be? 2 pornstars? ' NIALL I FUCKING HATE YOU! YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE THIS UP TO ME! YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING ME EVER AGAIN! I HATE YOU! YOUR A BITCH! YOU DIDNT EVEN ASK ME IF YOU COULD SEND THEM THE VIDEO! EVERYONE CAN SEE IT NOW! WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING THROUGH YOU MIND!? YOUR A SELFISH BITCH! I NEVER WANNA FUCK YOU EVER AGAIN! JUST BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO PUT.IT.ON THERE DIDNT MEAN I DID!' i ran outta breathe. niall strolled.over to me. ' you know you cant last a week without my giving you pleasure.' he said. his eyes turned darker. he rested his hands on my cheeks. i slapped them off me. ' YOUR A REAL BITCH NIALL! AND IF YOU EVER TOUCH EMMA OR ME AGAIN I WILL HURT YOU AND LEAVE!' i spat. ' your gonna be begging for my touch in no time.' niall smirked. ' STOP TALKING ABOUT SEX! THATS NOT ALL TO LIFE! OR IS IT TO YOU!? YOU CAN GO OUT AND FUCK ANYONE YOU WANT! I COULD CARE LESS!' i screamed pushing past him. ' then baby dont get mad when i bring girls home tonight.' he grinned. i didnt care. i went into emmas room and she was up standing in her crib. her head was tilted up and her arm extended with her hand opening and closing. all a sudden she started laughing. ' harry?' i whispered. i was scared to ask for signs. i saw a dent form in the bed. he had sat down. i took a seat next to him. ' we made a beauty.' i said. ' i wish you were still alive. niall has been a real jerk. im not sure if you heard our arguing.' ' maybe if you were still alive i.could be instead.of niall. all he wants is sex.' i felt like i was talking to no one. then i remembered. i had saw one of them boards to communicate with ghosts. i looked under the bed and there it was behind my bag. i.took it out setring it on my lap. the dent in the bed went away. ' harey sit back down. i want to talk ti you.' i sweetly said patting the seat next to me. he sat back down the dent forming once again. ' did you hear the arguing niall and i had?' the words spelled out yes. ' what has gotten inro him. i wish you were still here.' i tried so much to hold back the tears but failed. dont cry. harry spelled out. ' i-i cant take it anymore. he treats me like im a rag doll or something. he said hes gonna bring girls home tonight. i have nowhere else to go. whyd you have to leave?' he doesnt diserve someone as sweet and beautiful as you if he just uses you for his pleasure. he spelled out. i had to write down the letters to understand. ' i wish i wouldve chosen you when i had the chance.' i whispered. i love you. ill try to visit you everyday. just keep my necklace on and youll sense when im near. its like a connection between me and that necklace. if you youll know. he said witch rook long to figure out what it actually said. i started smiling. the dial moved to goodbye. the room felt impossibly lighter and i could breathe more. and it became warmer. i picked up emma slowly stroking her curls hair. ' were leaving soon hun. i dont know where. but we are. its not safe with you around him. hes becime messed up.' i explauned to her knowing she didnt know of anything i was saying. ' i wish you...well we could be with the REAL parent. the one i love and just now realizing i do.' ' the one named harry.'
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