HELP ME! (15+)

Avril is as you can say a "sex slave". But its by her dad and his friends. Her mom died while she was giving birth and has no siblings therefore there is no-one to stop thwm from doing that things that they do to her. But one irish charm saves her from her and takes her in. They start to become close but the dad reports that she is stolen and they are hunting them down. Will she stay will niall?? Or go back to the cruel world of her dad?????


34. photo shoot



harry i and emma were in the car harry

driving somewhere.

all a sudden 2 guys knocked on the window

and harry rolled it down looking at them. he

slapped their hands getting something white

out the glove department.


' here you go fellas.' he said tossing it to

him. the gave him a pack of cigars

and harry drove off lighting one.

emma started coughing.

' harry burn that out!' i yelled.

he turned to me and somehow had

tattoos all over his face.

' HARRY WHAT HAPPENED?!' i screamed.

' baby this is who i am.' he replied in a smooth voice

blowing smoke in my face.


i lept up from my seat noticticing i was sweating.

i started breathing heavily.

harry and other people

were staring at me.

i sat back down gripping the sides

of my hair.

' what happened?' harry asked patting my hand.

' nothing...just nothing.' i responded.

he glared at me knowing i wasnt telling the truth.


' where are we?' i asked looking around.

' the bank.' harry said.

' MR. styles?' a lady called.

harry looked around to see who that was.

i tapped his shoulder.


' thats you.' i whispered.

he got up walking to the lady.

i went up with him taking his wallet out

his back pocket helping him.

** 25 minutes later**

we were in the car and shontelle impossible was on.

i started singing loudly.

harry turned it down giving

me the most stupidest funniest look


one eyebrow up the other down

as in questioning me.

his mouth dropped open l alittle.

i burst into laughter.


' babe im gonna lie.

that was a little horrible.'

he said pulling into his driveway.


i got out still giggling.

when we got in

harrys mom had emma and 4 other

people with cameras.

they had this backround and clothes

on her.

' AVRIL!' his mom yelled.

' i couldnt help it.

emma is just beautiful.

i got people here to take pictures

of her. maybe even get her on a magazine.'

she excitedly squeeled.


i gave her a thumbs up.

' ok ima  need you to take a picture

witch emma harry and avril.

this one is going on the magazine if we can.'

a guy said.

obliously he was gay.

but hey.

i have nothing against gay people.

actually my old friend was gay.

nothings wrong.



harry and i were crouched down

on our knees turned in tward emma

who's arms we raised in the air.


i smiled my mouth slightly

open looking at her while she looked


well her eyes were closed and she was laughing.

harry was looking up at the camera smiling

showing his teeth.

' 3, 2, 1.. PERFECT!'


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