HELP ME! (15+)

Avril is as you can say a "sex slave". But its by her dad and his friends. Her mom died while she was giving birth and has no siblings therefore there is no-one to stop thwm from doing that things that they do to her. But one irish charm saves her from her and takes her in. They start to become close but the dad reports that she is stolen and they are hunting them down. Will she stay will niall?? Or go back to the cruel world of her dad?????


12. im done



i pushed him off me running to the couch. i layed there and cried my eyes out. " PLEASE AVRIL!!! IM SORRY OK I ONLY LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU!" niall cried, " IF YOU ONLY FUCKING LOVED ME YOU WOULDNT HAVE CHEATED ON ME! ESPECIALLY SINCE I TRUSTED YOU! AND I TOLD YOU MY STORY ON HOW I FUCKING GOT RAPED EVERY WEAK. BUT NOW I KNOW YOU DONT FUCKING CARE NOW AND YOU NEVER FUCKING CARED FROM THE START WHEN YOU DUMB ASS SAVED ME FROM JUMPING OFF A BRIDGE!" i managed to get all that out as i was shoving him hard in the chest. "please babe just listen." he calmly said. " BITCH I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR GONNA SAY! YOUR GONNA FUCKING SAW IM SORRY NOTHING HAPPENED I WAS DRUNK WHEN I MET HER OR IT WAS JUST A 1 DAY THING!" i spat shoviing him again. his mom came from downstairs staring at us. i thought we were home alone? her jaw was dropped and she was wrapped in a blanket.


her nose was red and she looked terrible. " avril hun-* cough* ny can you stop- * cough cough* yelling?" his mom begged. * hard cough* she slumped back up the steps and a door shut. " i honestly dont give a fuck what you have to say." i whispered-yell. just then 4 boys walked in with presents and balloons. " HEY NIALL WHERES YOUR MUM?!" harry screamed. niall put his finger to his mouth. " sorry... wheres you mum?" harry slowly whispered. " in her room." he replied. niall was staring at me waiting. tears where still streaming down my face. my mascara smeared and my eyes all puffy.


"what happened to you?" louis asked. i pointed to niall. i wanted him to tell them what he did. they all faced him. " whatd you do?" liam asked. " i uh... uh.... i kinda cheated on her." he said rubbing the back of his neck. hearing those words made me punch him in the stomache. " hey no violence." louis said holding me back. " you know what niall, im done. im done with you and all your games." i stated. " i dont care if my father and his friends... i paused glaring at liam.. rape me anymore. you took away everything i had. my strength, my heart. i cried. i ran around the house grabbing all my things. " wait wait wait.... what do you mean rape? harry questioned me.


" i mean your sick friend liam and the rest of my dads friends all get drunk together and rape the shit outta me!" i yelled. " YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" harry yelled tackling liam. louis and zayn pried harry off of him. " I QUIT THE BAND!" liam shouted walking out of the house. my jaw dropped and so did everyone elses.


he quit.

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