HELP ME! (15+)

Avril is as you can say a "sex slave". But its by her dad and his friends. Her mom died while she was giving birth and has no siblings therefore there is no-one to stop thwm from doing that things that they do to her. But one irish charm saves her from her and takes her in. They start to become close but the dad reports that she is stolen and they are hunting them down. Will she stay will niall?? Or go back to the cruel world of her dad?????


49. Grannys

~3 years later~

Harry got out today. I couldnt handle the stress so i sent her to my moms house. Shes been there for a year and a half and i was complete shit.    There was clothes and junk all over the floor. I hadn't showered in weeks. Seriously weeks. But the only reason im getting cleaned and cleaning up the place os because harry got released today.   I was scared he would come out a badass. A mean hurtful guy. Basically like in movies. Hopefully that didn't happen.   •••   It took me hours to get the place back in shape and once i did i took a shower that i highly needed.   "Hey lou you and the guys are gonna meet me at grannys and were all taking your car right?" I asked driving down the street.   "Yeah.  Theyre on their way and they have some friends with them. I dont know how were all gonna fit but we'll make it work. Did you get the cake?" He replied.   "Yep. Strawberry cake with whipcream as icing just how he likes it." I said giggling a little.   "Did you get the balloons?" I added.   "Yep. Pulling into grannys right now." He said ending the call.   Grannys was a restaurant that everyone in town loved. Harry in fact used to work there as a kid. He helped roll the dough bread and when he got older he could actually bake it and everything.   I started uncontrollably smiling thinking of the pictures of him as a kid with flour all in his hair.   •••   Everyone was gathered outside holding streamers and signs with balloons up. Harrys family drove up here with emma.   There was a loud buzz and the big metal doors started opening revealing a longer haired harry.   He had little stubble on his top lip and his hair was a little past shoulder length and thats pretty much it.   "Harry!" Everyone yelled running up to him. I didnt want me and emma to get trampled so we stayed behind everyone while he was covered in hugs and kisses.   "I love you mum." He said giving her a long kiss on the forehead.    Once he spotted me and emma his mouth dropped open some and he pushed past everyone.   "Oh my god av." He said giving me the most tightest hug ive ever experienced.   He picked emma up hugging her as well.   "Hi daddy." She said grabbing a piece of his hair.   Tears rolled down his face as he left kisses all over her.His curls werent really curly now. It was straight then a really lose curl at the bottom.   "Come on hazz were going back to my place!" Louis yelled slapping him on the shoulders. ••• We had all ate cake and chatted for what seemed hours. Harrys family had went home except gemma who stayed with us.   "Come with me." He whispered in my ear.    I quickly followed him going upstairs to a room. He closed the door behind me and instantly pushed me up against the wall.   "Harry." I giggled inbetween kisses.   He lifted me up and sat me on the bed. I propped up against the headboard watching him strip from his shirt.   I started clapping my hands encouraging him to continue.   He crawled on the bed and got on his knees hovering over me. I had to crank my head up to look at him .   He grabbed my face around my jawline pinning one of my hands to the wall.    "Harry?" I questioned at his aggressive behavior.   He didnt respond. Just his heavy breathing. He pushed my face to the side and started kissing on my neck lightly biting it a couple times.   My eyes fluttered close at the pleasure running through my body.    "You have to obey my every command okay?" Harry growled in my ear.   His hand slipped down grabbing my neck and squeezing as he slid the other hand that was holding mine down on my underwear rubbing my clit.   I bit back on my lip as he left wet kisses on the crook of my neck continuing his actions. His grip tightened around my neck making it hard to breath. The pleasure seeking through my body making it harder to breathe.   "H-harry." I struggled saying.   "I-i cant b-breathe." I added trying to move his arm.   His grip tightened.   "Just relax." He said.   "Harry i cant fucking b-breathe!" I yelled. Well a attempt to yell but probably came out as a weak talk.   My chest started hurting. It felt like a elephant was stepping on my chest slowly pushing its foot on me. I took one of my free hands and yanked his hair back causing him to let go.    I quickly got up and ran to the door gasping for air as tears spilled out my eyes.   "I-im sorry." He said walking to me.   "No. No. I couldve died." I cried running out the room and down the steps.
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