HELP ME! (15+)

Avril is as you can say a "sex slave". But its by her dad and his friends. Her mom died while she was giving birth and has no siblings therefore there is no-one to stop thwm from doing that things that they do to her. But one irish charm saves her from her and takes her in. They start to become close but the dad reports that she is stolen and they are hunting them down. Will she stay will niall?? Or go back to the cruel world of her dad?????


25. found it

AVRIL P.O.V i found it. the shiny silver key laying in my palm. i went into louis room and stuck it in the bottom drawer and it clicked. i pulled it open and it was a drawer a pictures. i picked one up and it was... louis in a jockstrap!? only a jockstrap. was he like a male model? i kept flipping threw them until they were snatched out my hands. i looked up and louis was right there his face red. ' i told you not to go threw my stuff!' he growled. i was smiling but his face was serious. he pulled me up by my hair looking me into the eyes. he tilted his head sideways and shoved his tongue in my mouth. i bit down on his tongue making him scream in pain and i tried running but the stupid cast was holdig me back. i had to go down the steps dammit. 'NIALL!' why am i yelling his name? the front door flung open and niall was there. ' baby i told you not to go with them.' he sweetly said picking me up. he carried me down the steps and grabbed my bag on the way out setting me in his car. ' sorry i truly am. i shouldve never did that.' he sorrowed. i nodded. 'niall?' i asked my voice shaking. ' yeah babe?' he asked starting the car. he started driving. ' what is it babe?' he asked. i took a deep breath. ' harry got me pregnant.'
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