HELP ME! (15+)

Avril is as you can say a "sex slave". But its by her dad and his friends. Her mom died while she was giving birth and has no siblings therefore there is no-one to stop thwm from doing that things that they do to her. But one irish charm saves her from her and takes her in. They start to become close but the dad reports that she is stolen and they are hunting them down. Will she stay will niall?? Or go back to the cruel world of her dad?????


10. busted


after niall started running i knew i was going to loose. might as well try anyway. i got up and started running. it wuz now pitch black outside. i started running through the woods hoping that this was a shortcut. in the faint distance niall was running. i saw his house and kept going. i slammed kyself at his door trying to catch my breath. niall opened the door and i fell backwards into his housr. " i win!" he shoutrd jumping up and down mimicking what i did. i pushed him out the way and sat in one of their twisty stairs in the kitchen. " im hungry." i cried. " but you just ate." "1. dont act like your not hungry. and 2. you ate most of it!" he was mute. " ahahah told you." i teased.

" well i dont.know how to cook." he stated. " but i do know how to make a peanut butter jelly." " ewww i hate peanut butter along with jelly." i said. he stared at me like u was mental. then his face lit up and a smirk grew. " what?" i asked. he moved closer to me. " since we are both hungry i have something in mind." he whispered in my ear. he placed his hands on my hips pullung me closer to him. " niall im not sure." i whimped out. " com'on babe." he pleaded. i wrapped my legs around him and he picked me up. his mom wasnt home yet so we had the house to ourselfs. " 1st or 2nd?" " 1st." i respinded. he unbuckled his pants pulling them down along with him boxers.

* hint: things are about to get.....dirty*

he full erection slapped his stomache. i silently groaned. i took his cock in my hands slowly pumping it. " mhhmm." he moaned. i shoved it in my mouth humming against it. " fuck yes!" he cried. soon he shot his liquids down my throat and i swallowed. " my turn." he layed me on the table pulling my clithes down spreading my pegs apart. " for someone who dudnt want to do this you sure are wet." he said. he stuck his tongue in my folds making me shiver. he went faster than ever. " FUCK RIGHT THERE NIALL!" i screamed.

as soon as i hit my high the front door opened.......

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