HELP ME! (15+)

Avril is as you can say a "sex slave". But its by her dad and his friends. Her mom died while she was giving birth and has no siblings therefore there is no-one to stop thwm from doing that things that they do to her. But one irish charm saves her from her and takes her in. They start to become close but the dad reports that she is stolen and they are hunting them down. Will she stay will niall?? Or go back to the cruel world of her dad?????


30. beatings

AVRIL P.O.V emma and i were eating downstairs while niall and 3 girls were upstairs and i could hear them screaming. 'OH NIALL FUCK ME HARDER!' i tried but that.didnt happen. i layed my head down on the table and started crying. i felt like someone was behind and a hand placed on my shoulder. ' niall i swear if its you.' i said. i turned around and louis was there. ' its ok babe. im not here to get in your pants or anything.' he said taking a seat. ' whatcha been up to?' he whispered. ' nothing. trying to protect emma.' i replied still crying. ' aww av dont cry.' louis cried. i sat up wiping the tears off my face. i heard.the door open upstairs and footsteps. niall came in with nothing but socks on. '.why here louis?' he asked opening the fridge. ' oh and av. they can fuck me better than you ever could.' he.smirked. i got up and took emma with me and.dashed.out the front.door. emma started to hiccup. i hate.when babies do that so it was irratating me. a person pulled up to me in a car. rolled down the window and i couldnt 'HARRY?!' i yelled. i mean it looked exactly like him. the.guy had a puzzled lool on his face. '.im sorry but i dont know you. and how do you know my name?' he asked. wasnt reincarnation? they end up dont.remembering.a.thing. i the car setting emma in his lap. '.she.kinda looks like me.' harry said bouncing.her on his knee. i smiled. ' its cause shes yours.' i spoke. he me puzzled. ' when?' he asked his voice tone squeaking. ' i dont.want to explain it all. but i wish you could remember.' i sadly said hanging my head down. ' its ok. dont cry.avril. i' he said pulling me into a hug. ' wait how do you name?' i asked.very happy. he say there staring out the window. ' i-i dont know.' he responded. well it wasnt harrys body. they had burned it into ashes. but it was like a twin him. ' now whos this little cutie?' he asked squeezing her cheeks. ' wait.' harry said looking at me. ' your telling me...we had sex?' i nodded. ' good?' 'i nodded. ' were you the one that had the board in the room?' he questioned me. i threw my arms around his neck. ' HARRY YOUR REMEMBERING!!' i screamed. i saw niall and louis pass the car and i flattened against the seat. ' who are they?' he asked. i sighed. '.your close friends. but im kinda dating the' i whispered grabbing emma. louis had stopped and turned to the car slowly walking he tapped on the window. ' avril i.know.your in here.' he whispered. i rolled the window down. 'you need to co- WAIT HARRY!?' he yelled. he raced over to the other side opening the door taking harrys face in his hands. ' ITS YOU HAZZA!' he yelled roughly kissing his cheek. ' wait but how?' ** 20 minutes later** i had finshed explaining to lou what i thouhht happened. i noticed harry still staring at me through the car ride home. and niall was pissed about it. ' hey man can you keep your eyes off MY girl?' he asked. harrys eyes snapped back to the rode. i looked at niall in a disgusted look. he licked his lips and mouthed: just wait til we get home. be ready to get fucked hard. ' NO!' i yelled. we arrived home and harry got out. he stood behind me taking emma in his hands playing with her curls. ' she looks so much like me.' he whispered to himself. i was pulled upstairs and niall locked the door. ' ready baby?' he asked throwing his pants off. he roughly kissed me. ' no! dont touch me.ever again.' i spat racing to the door. niall blocked it his eyes growing dark. he pinned me to the wall running his fingers in the inner thigh. i squeezed my legs together but he pried ' STOP NIALL! GET OFF.ME!' i yelled. i felt something hard hit the side.of my head. when i opened my eyes nialls arm was coming back and hit me again. i felt him knee me in the stomache and he hair against the wall. he kicked my side over and over again. ' what was thay about if i touch you you were gonna hurt me?' he asked spitting on me. i balled up on the ground shaking and crying. **3 hours later** i was still on the ground when someone walked in. ' clean yourself up and dont tell them anything.' niall demanded. i couldnt move. niall rolled me.over.and i cried in pain. i heard footsteps and harry and louis were walking in. niall ran out the room. harry and louis were wearing these funny looking hats and fuzzy masks on. emma crawled in slapping her hands down hard on the ground. i looked up at harry whos was picking me up. ' babe what happened? did that niall.person do this?' he asked. ' yeh.' i whispered. he layed me in bed. ' baby of you were with me i wouldnt lay a fingernail on you if you didnt like it.' he added. i layed still. there was a silence. louis had left taking emma and i heard the t.v be turned.on downstairs. harry took my hand in his. ' i seeing you like this.' he spoke his voice cracking. ' your way to beautiful to.deserve a condition like this.' he slowly leaned in planting.his lips.on mine. they were like light as ever like he was trying not to hurt afraid. i wrapped my arms around his neck ignoring the pain. i wanted to be with him. the kiss told all. our tongues grazing over eachother. i didnt want this end. harry pulled away. ' sorry. i couldnt help muself. your just so pretty. i coyldnt help myself.' i grabbed his hand witch hurt like.hell to do. i felt as if i didnt have enough air to talk. at least theres someome who thinks of me like that. he got up walking to the door. i protest. ' avril. i want me to stay. but seeing you in this state.makes me want to kill niall even more. anyway. i need you to rest babe.' he explained. i nodded. he closed the door turning off the light. ** some time.later** i woke up.and felt.better already. i got.up.and walked downstairs. harry and.louis.were.sleep. emma.laying on harrys chest sleep. he had his arms wrapped around her. i took a picture and sat next to the couch wwtching them sleep. harry and emma snored quitely. ' harry wake up.' i said shaking him. he moved his head. i.really liked seeing him sleep. ' baby wake up.' i cried.shaking him again. he.slowly sat up making emma roll off him but i caught her and started breathing fast. ' oh god im sorry.av!.i.forgot she was laying on me. im sorry. it.wont happen again.' he said. i loved how he cared about her. more than niall did. i layed down inbetween harrys legs my back facing him with emma on my stomache still asleep. harry placed his hands on my arms lightly stroking them.with his thumb. i peered up at him and his eyes were slowly fluttering closed. but he.kept moving his thumb. how did it take me.til now to realize i wanted to be.with him? not niall.not.anyone.else but him? he was great at parenting. he cared when he did somethinf wrong. but better yet he cared for me and our child.
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