Cruise Ship Crushes

These six best friends were inseparable, but what happens when one of the wants more?? Please read!! I love feedback :)


2. Lockers to luxuries

I shut my locker and start strolling to my first period, English.

I don't understand why we have it, I've spoken the language ever since I was two.

As I flip my long brown hair over my shoulder, someone covers my eyes.

"Guess who?" He asks.

I can feel the smirk on his face.

"Umm... Santa?" I guess, earning a loud laugh from the boy behind me.

I know your probably wondering who that boy is.

He is Andrew, one of the biggest flirts in the school and also one of my best friends, even though he is relentlessly hitting on me all of the time.

"So where is such a lovely lady headed off to this fine morn?" He asks in a British accent.

"Well I am quite fortunate to be off on my way to English" I say, showing off my own accent.

We laugh and catch up as we walk through the halls.





**skip to lunch**


"Finally!!" My friend Chloe says, falling down next to me while flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

"I am so starving!! I swear Mr. Skolmoski can talk forever!! He even threatened to hold us after class!!" She continues.

Everybody else is laughing at her story, but I wasn't paying attention as Dustin came up to us.

"Hey Dustin ," Everybody at our little table says.

"Hey," He replies, giving me a smile.

"Hey there," I say, before looking down to my chicken nuggets that I had on my plate.

He and I start to join into the conversation, and I begin to eat my lunch. 

As I was munching on one of my nuggets, my head turned to Jordan, who was making his way towards us.

He towered over me, while he was 6'3, the all star for the basketball team, I was only 5'8.

I know your thinking that 5'8 is pretty tall, but at my school everyone was a freakin tree.

I was probably considered a little shorter than average at my school.

Anyway, as I zoned back into our convo, I figured out the topic was grades.

I wasn't surprised.

Ever since our little group had been sophomores, we had always talked about going on a summer cruise.

We had talked about it with our parents, and they had agreed to pay as long as we had all gotten 4.0's.

The conversation was telling me everyone had.

As soon as I confirmed this, Bri, Chloe, and I all started to squeal in excitement.

The boys started to mimic us, squealing and flipping their imaginary hair.

I looked at the girls, flicking my head down towards my phone. 

They all nodded, smiling mischievously, as they continued to squeal.

I pull out my phone, clicking on my camera app, bringing it up above the table.

All of the girls started to giggle uncontrollably as I pressed the record button.

I had gotten about three straight minutes of squealing, giggling and flipping imaginary hair when I finally decided they had had enough.

Boy were they in for a surprise tomorrow.




eekk !!!! so what do you guys think? I know its not the longest chapter but I kinda had to get everyone introduced and such ;) I told myself I would try and update more often since ive been doing a crappy job, and ive updated two chapters on both of my movellas today! gold star for me!! anyways, read it, love it, favorite it!! love ya curlifries!! :)

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