How did you steal my heart

Bella was an ordinary 18 year old girl. Just starting college in her home town London. She has been a big fan of One Direction ever since they first started on the X- Factor (Niall is her favorite). Bella and her bestfriend Lizzie, are going to their first ever One Direction concert, and end up hanging with the boys? Will love spark between the girls and the guys? Will their lives ever be the same again?


3. Chapter 3. Plane ride

We finally boarded the plane. Lizzie sat on the inside by the window, I sat on the outside. Lizzie and I were getting kind of bored so I grabbed out my laptop and put in both Lizzie and i's favorite movie. When out of the blue a guy comes up to me and says, "hey sexy momma how about you come over too my house tonight we can get a little saucy?" The creep said. "Oh yeah how about umm no? You better the the fuck away before I get security. Bye bye little cunt" I said motioning a goodbye signal to him. "Whatever bitch" he said giving me the finger and walking away. "Gosh people these days!" Lizzie said. We heard the driver say "hold on passengers we're about to make a pretty sharp turn here so hold on tightly" he mumbled. "OMG I'm sooo sorry!" Someone said as they fell while we were making a sharp turn. It was a guy he fell on me, on my lap to be specific. "Oh it's okay" I said not looking at who it was right away. "I'm Niall, Niall Horan" the guy said. I finally looked up and saw THE Niall Horan.

Niall's P.O.V

Holy crap what did I do? I tripped as we were making a REALLY sharp turn. Then I fell on her lap! Most embarrassing moment of my life. I finally looked at her. She was extremely beautiful, she had medium wavy brown hair. She had blue green eyes that sparkled when I saw them, she also had the smallest bit of freckles and a little dimple on her cheek whenever she smiled. She was THE absolute most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Apparently I was staring for quite a while because she asked me if I was okay. "Oh I'm fine it's j-just t-that you are so beautiful" I stammered. "Me beautiful?" She said. "Yes you are so pretty in your many ways." I said. "Would you and your friend like to come sit with me and the guys?" Hopefully she would say yes because I really like this girl. She looked at her friend, her friend nodded. "Why not!" She said excitedly.

Bella's P.O.V

Oh my word! Niall Horan wants me to go sit with him and the guys. It probably seems like I just want to go sit with him because, well he's from one direction the best band ever, but it's not really that I know this might sound crazy and all but when Niall was starring at me I felt something like I don't know nothing I've never felt before. I think I'm in love. Honestly I do. Lizzie and I followed Niall to his seats. All the way in the back in first class. Then I saw them Lois, Zayne, Harry, and Liam. "Who are they Niall?" Liam said. "Well um my uh friends I guess." Niall said obviously he was having a hard time getting that out. "Oh yeah I never did catch u Girls names, loves" Niall said. "I am Bella and this is my bestfriend Lizzie." "Hi nice too meet you guys" Lizzie said. "Nice too meet you" Harry said. He wouldn't take his eyes off of Lizzie. "Do you want to sit with us Zayne asked?" "Yup they are allready Zayne" Niall said "cool" Harry said still not taking his eyes off of Lizzie. "U-umm Lizzie do you m-maybe want to s-sit by me?" Harry asked with his voice really shaky. I wonder why I always thought Harry was a flirt and didnt have trouble talking to girls. "U-um yeah sure" Lizzie said also having trouble. I sat by Niall. "Bella is a pretty name" he said "thank you" I said smiling.
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