How did you steal my heart

Bella was an ordinary 18 year old girl. Just starting college in her home town London. She has been a big fan of One Direction ever since they first started on the X- Factor (Niall is her favorite). Bella and her bestfriend Lizzie, are going to their first ever One Direction concert, and end up hanging with the boys? Will love spark between the girls and the guys? Will their lives ever be the same again?


2. Chapter 2. Wake up!

"WAKE UP SWEETIE YOUR GOING TO MISS YOUR FLIGHT!" My mom said. Ah shit I was going to be late. I jumped up in my bed like a ninja. I could definitely not miss this flight. "Okay mom I'm up now!" I yelled to my mom downstairs. I hurried up and got in the shower. 15 min. Later I got dressed in my favorite PINK sweater and put on some jeans and my silver sparkly toms. I decided to let my wavy hair do its magic and left it naturally. I grabbed my suitcase and I ran downstairs to find where my mom has made me waffles, pancakes, sausage and bacon with a glass of orange juice. " Hello Sweetie I made you some breakfast" she said. " Thanks mom but I don't have time to eat that much food" I said. " Can I have a breakfast bar instead?". "Yeah I suppose" my mom said. " Hi honey" my dad said walking into the room. "Good morning dad" I said. "Are you guys ready to pick up Lizzie and get to the airport?" My mom said. "Yeah we better get going now" I said. I took out my phone and texted Lizzie "Hey Girl on our way too pick u up" I texted. She replied saying "Yup just waitin for you too get your butt here ;)" she texted. "Omg I can't wait!" I said getting in the backseat of my parents car. 10 minutes later we arrived at Lizzie's house. I jumped out of the car and ran up too her door. "Lizzie I'm here!" I shouted. Then I saw the handle turn, and was greeted by Lizzie's mom. "Lizzie will be down in just a sec." Mrs. James said. "Okay" I said grinning. I loved Mrs. James as my second mother. She was always so sweet. I saw Lizzie walk to her mom & dad hugging them and saying their goodbyes and love yous. "Be safe and don't get in trouble!" Lizzie's dad said too us. "Don't worry Mr. James we will be sweet little angels and won't even dare to get in trouble" I said Jokingly knowing that there was a slight chance that wasn't true. "Bye mom and dad". Lizzie said as she shut the door. "I'm soooo excited" I said opening the car door and getting in. "I know me too" Lizzie said. Next thing I remember we were allready boarding the plane. And we were off just like that on our way too see the BEST boy band ever in concert.
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