Emma was just a normal, average 16 year old girl bullied by her schoolmates. Something she wished would just stop, but has no courage to stop it. Derek is a jock, the star basketball player of Brentwood High School. Derek knows what he'll soon become, but just doesn't know when. Werewolves have been in his family for generations, and he knows he won't be able to stop it. He knows about imprinting, and knows he's just not ready for it. When he comes back to realization, he imprints on someone faster than he'd predicted. Emma.


9. Chapter 9: Derek

Part 1:
"Alright son, so the technique is to hit the rim enough to make it spin in perfectly." My dad picks up the basketball and tosses it like he said, making it go into the net. "Yeah, dad. I know. I'm still working on it." I had already learned this trick. It was old. All I wanted to do at the moment was hit Clare's party. "Alright, son. We're done for tonight. Go do whatever you were going to do. And no staying out late. Your mother is always worried about you. I want you home one o'clock sharp. Got it?" "Yes sir," I murmur. He picks up the basketball and strolls back into the house. I roll my eyes. Who cares how late I was? It was my life. I walk into the house after him. I was in desperate need of a shower. 

Part 2

I pulled my silver Ford truck up to Clare's house. Cars were parked around the block. Damn.. I decided to just park in a parking lot and walk over. The music was audible from outside. Walking up the steps, I stop myself as I'm about to ring the door bell. I smirked. No one would hear me. I twist the doorknob and walk in. Clare's house was packed with Freshmen, Seniors, and so much more. Damn that girl could throw a party. I walk through the crowd receiving pats on the back and nods. I finally found Clare. "Hey Clare!" She turns around. She's wearing a tight red dress with with black stilettos, I think that's what they were called. Her blonde hair bounces around as she strides toward me. "Hey baby," she says and wraps her arms around my neck. I place my hands onto her hips. "I'm glad you made it. I was starting to think that you wouldn't come." Her bright red lips form into a pout. I chuckle. "Hey, I'm here aren't I?" Her green eyes turn dangerous. "Yes. You. Are." She grabs my shirt and tugs, crushing her lips to mine. "Mmm," I pull back. She reaches into her cleavage and reveals out a condom. Oh. She lets go of my shirt and grasps my hand pulling me toward the bedroom. 

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