Emma was just a normal, average 16 year old girl bullied by her schoolmates. Something she wished would just stop, but has no courage to stop it. Derek is a jock, the star basketball player of Brentwood High School. Derek knows what he'll soon become, but just doesn't know when. Werewolves have been in his family for generations, and he knows he won't be able to stop it. He knows about imprinting, and knows he's just not ready for it. When he comes back to realization, he imprints on someone faster than he'd predicted. Emma.


50. Chapter 50

Throughout the whole day, everyone continued to whistle at me and wink, but it wasn't great like it had been earlier today. The only thing on my mind right now was Derek. I wanted to apologize to him for everything, for everything that has happened. The bell finally rings for school to be over, not as excited as other kids are for the weekend. That was when Derek and I would hang out. But now what was there to really do? Yeah, hang out with Natalie some, but it just wasn't the same without Derek. I pass him in the hall and he sees me and shakes his head disapprovingly before turning away. Could he not look at me anymore? "Hey Emma!," Natalie calls behind me. "You need to hurry up and change before you parents get here." I had completely forgot. "Oh yeah. I'll do that now. But my parents are picking me up late today." She grins. "Oh really? How late? We could hang for a little while." I shake my head. "I'm not sure." Natalie shoos me away. "Well hurry and quickly change."
I was finally changed out of my revealing clothes. Although the clothes had been nice, it felt so much better to be in my regular clothes again. I met Natalie outside the bathroom. "Lets go to the gym to study or something, Emma." I froze. "The g-gym?" We couldn't go to the gym! Derek was in there.. "Well do you have anywhere else to study Emma..?" I shook my head. She sighs. "Come on, Emma. It'll be fine," she whispers. Ugh. She grasps my arm. We walked into the gym and went up the stairs to sit down. I look behind me and catch Derek watching me. I didn't know if I could take this anymore. He could barely look at me without being disgusted. 


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