Emma was just a normal, average 16 year old girl bullied by her schoolmates. Something she wished would just stop, but has no courage to stop it. Derek is a jock, the star basketball player of Brentwood High School. Derek knows what he'll soon become, but just doesn't know when. Werewolves have been in his family for generations, and he knows he won't be able to stop it. He knows about imprinting, and knows he's just not ready for it. When he comes back to realization, he imprints on someone faster than he'd predicted. Emma.


43. Chapter 43

Chapter 43

I jerk awake in bed, and I find myself surrounded by utter darkness. My breathing is loud and rushed. I tried seeing in the dark, but could see nothing. Without warning, someone's arms wrap around me and I yelp. "Shh.. Emma. It's just me." Derek reaches over and turns on the lamp on the night table beside my bed. All of my worry and distress slowly fade away. I sink into Derek's embrace, admiring the way his arms held me. "It's all just a dream, sweet girl," he murmurs in my hair.  "Do you want to tell me what it was about..?" I shook my head. I didn't want him to know about it. He'd think he was some kind of monster. "I can't remember what it was about exactly." I had to lie so he wouldn't ask me further questions. He kisses my forehead gently. "I understand Em. Are you sure everything is alright now?" I nod. "Yes, I'm fine, love." He reaches over and turns the lamp off again and begins to lay down, taking me with him. Quickly, he plants a soft kiss to my lips. "I'll always protect you Emma." Although he couldn't see it in the darkness of my room, I smiled big. Despite the dream I had just had, I knew Derek wasn't lying to me. "Oh Derek."

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