Emma was just a normal, average 16 year old girl bullied by her schoolmates. Something she wished would just stop, but has no courage to stop it. Derek is a jock, the star basketball player of Brentwood High School. Derek knows what he'll soon become, but just doesn't know when. Werewolves have been in his family for generations, and he knows he won't be able to stop it. He knows about imprinting, and knows he's just not ready for it. When he comes back to realization, he imprints on someone faster than he'd predicted. Emma.


30. Chapter 30: Derek

I had to find Emma and explain what had truly happened. I'd never leave Emma.. Especially for a girl like Clare. Emma was my everything. My reason for breathing. We both had Chemistry next.. and she was my partner. I could talk to her then. I shuffle down the hallway and enter the classroom. I glance over at the table Emma is sitting at. Her head is down and she is quiet. "Mr. Blade, you're not late for once," Mrs. Porter smirks. "Yeah," was all I had managed. I drop my backpack beside my chair and plop down on the chair next to my sweet Emma. Her fingers are knotted in her lap and her hair shells around her face making it hard to read her expression. Not once does he raise her head. I grasp her arm gently. "Em..?" She says nothing. "Emma, baby. Please look at me." She finally gazes at me and the sorrowful look on her face is like a knife to my own heart. "Baby, please. Just listen. It wasn't what it looked like I promise. When I was leaving class, Clare grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I didn't know what she wanted but then she pulled me down and kis-." "Are you using me Derek..?," she bites her lower lip to remain calm. "What? No. Emma no. Please. Please believe me. If I were lying to you, would I be here right now..? Emma you're my everything. Not Clare. We're the past. You're the one I want to be with." I grab her hands and hold them with mine. Her hands were so small. "Do you not understand the way I feel about you..?" It was barely a whisper. She shakes her head. "Emma, I know this is all happening suddenly.. But please understand.. I have never felt so alive with anyone else but you. You complete me. Please don't let this little incident break us apart. I can't be without you. Forgive me." A small smile tugs at her lips. "Do you.. really mean all that?" I beam. "Every single word." I lean down and give her a quick peck on her lips. She was so amazing and precious to me. 

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