Emma was just a normal, average 16 year old girl bullied by her schoolmates. Something she wished would just stop, but has no courage to stop it. Derek is a jock, the star basketball player of Brentwood High School. Derek knows what he'll soon become, but just doesn't know when. Werewolves have been in his family for generations, and he knows he won't be able to stop it. He knows about imprinting, and knows he's just not ready for it. When he comes back to realization, he imprints on someone faster than he'd predicted. Emma.


3. Chapter 3: Derek

"Yo bro, that was classic right there!" My best friend Alec slaps me playfully on the back as we walk down the hall for lunch. "Ha, I know right," I answer. It was pretty hilarious but for some reason, I sort of felt a twinge of guilt. What I said wasn't really true. I mean, she wasn't ugly at all. She was actually pretty damn cute. But I'd seen hotter girls, like Clare for instance. I should apologize to her... I stop myself. My whole reputation would be ruined if I did that. That was something I couldn't afford to loose. But you were an ass to her.. So what. Why did I care? She'd just go cry in the bathroom for 45 minutes and then get over it. All girls were the same. They'd cry, go tell all of their friends, and then give the guy the 'cold shoulder'. Why should I care what Emma thought of me? I was the star basketball player for the Brentwood Tigers. I shouldn't care. I have the best life ever. "Hey man, you cool?," Alec frowns. I snap out of my daze. "What? Oh yeah man. It's all good." He slaps me on the back again. "Then let's hurry up so we can get some pizza!"
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