My Best Friends Brother

We have been best friends forever how can I ever tell her I have a crush on her brother, of course he dosent know it either. Ive always been shy to tell him and Ive been kind of scared of Haileys reaction to find her best friend Alex to have a crush on her brother, Matt. What happens when I give Matt hints, just without Hailey knowing or i can just see what progess happens with Matt and I.


2. Chapter 2

 Matts P.O.V.

"Hey whats taking so long, Alex!" Yells Hailey, Alex and I pull away looking at each other like 'Did that just happen look'? Um i dont even know why i just did that I have a girlfriend as we think of what had just happened with that Alex ran down the stairs. I just hope she dosent tell Hailey, i dont think she would be too happy with this. As I think about the kiss the scences keep replaying in my head, her lips are so soft, i want more, what am i thinking?What am I doing? I can hurt her. Since when have i been so carring towards her? I need more time to think about this I walk towards the door and start walking towards the lake.


Alexs P.O.V.

WOW, Im still in shock not knowing what to do, so I run down the stairs. Of course I cant tell Hailey about the kiss, but Ive been thinking its time to tell her about me crushing on her brother. As i thought this would never happen and so it did, I did enjoy the kiss not sure if Hailey is though, Ill just wait till the right time. Yeah I'll wait for the right time. Not now..


Haileys P.O.V.

Whats taking Alex so long? But i thought to soon she came running down the stairs. "Oh sorry my contact fell", She says. "Oh okay so are you ready for me to kick your ass at this game" "Bring it on", she says competivley. "I will".





Alex P.O.V

We were up in Hailey's room watching T.V on her bed, I noticed she fell asleep. Great! Now im all alone. I get up off the bed and lower the T.V and turn off the light and close the door behind me on the way out. I really do want to talk to Matt about the kiss earlier but I had no idea where he went, I havent seen him since. I went to the kitchen to get some Ice Tea, the kitchen reminds me of earlier this afternoon. I took out a class and poured myself the Ice Tea. I go into the living room to watch T.V there making sure not to wake Hailey in her room. I hear foot steps coming from the steps but i try to ignore them, just knowing its Matt. I couldnt stop myself,"Hey Matt can we talk"? I asked. He seemed to be ignoring me, "Matt"? I say a bit louder this time. No answer. " So you kiss me then you want to ignore me?!" Nothing. "Matt answer me!" "What do you want me to say Alex, Yes i kissed you but your my sisters best friend thats wrong, do you have feelings for me?" I stood quiet, he stepped closer "Do you or do you not have feelings for me Alex"? "Fine yes Matt, I do" he smirked "What are you smirking about? We are in the middle of an argument" I said "Your so cute when your angry". I felt myself starting to blush at his comment then he carressed my cheek. "Are you gonna kiss me again ",I asked. "I dont know maybe, do you want me to?" "Maybe", I said while smirking. He put his arms around my waist and bent down to kiss me. I got on my toes to reach him and put my arms around his neck. When our lips met it sent shivers down my spine, our lips moved in sync untill we smiled against the kiss our foreheads pressed against eachother. "Im still mad at you", I said trying to hide the smile forming on my lips. "Are you really". "Yes". He lifted me up carring me bridal style up to his room and layed me on his bed. 


Matts P.O.V.

I laid her on my bed and got on top of her putting my weight on my arms and knees. "Still mad at me", I said pouting knowing she was trying so hard no to laugh and she just shook her head. I kissed her neck, she giggled, her giggle is the cutest thing in the world besides her. "A bit less", she said. I kissed her jawline "less" she said. Then I kissed her cheek then her lips passionatly. "I forgive you", she said smiling and kissed me on the cheek. She got off the bed and walked towards the door." Where are you going?" "Im getting a bit tired, Im heading to bed ,goodnight", she said while yawning. "Stay here" " I cant remember about your sister" "I wish you could goodnight love". "Goodnight ", Alex said while walking out the door.




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