My Best Friends Brother

We have been best friends forever how can I ever tell her I have a crush on her brother, of course he dosent know it either. Ive always been shy to tell him and Ive been kind of scared of Haileys reaction to find her best friend Alex to have a crush on her brother, Matt. What happens when I give Matt hints, just without Hailey knowing or i can just see what progess happens with Matt and I.


1. Chapter 1

Alex's P.O.V.

My Alarm had just started to ring "You cant go to bed without a cup of tea maybe thats the reason that you talk in your sleep-" , that always seems to keep a smile on my face, which would be good considering i wake up at 6 AM every morning , with that i got up from my bed and took a long hot shower. I put on a blue button down shirt with dark tight skinny jeans and a  long fishtail braid on my light brown with blonde natural streaks that goes to my mid stomach. Looking at the mirror on my desk i decided to add eye liner and mascara. Running down the stairs I sit on the kitchen desk and pour milk and cereal to a bowl and start to eat. My mom walked in the kitchen, "Hey Honey", she said. "Hey Mom, i thought'd you'd be at work" Oh im leaving later this afternoon maybe you can stay at Haileys for a while I came in contact with her mom im going to California for this buisness trip". "Oh okay well I will miss you, im going to be late if I don't leave soon so good luck bye mom" i said and gave her a hug." I love you", she says. " I love you too mom bye".




I arrived at school in my black Nissan Altima, I parked and walk inside the building. Looking for Hailey I run into Matt, "Oh Hey sorry,Alex", Matt says. "Hey, next time just look out", I say. "Yea sure, whatever Alex", he says while walking a way. "Wow okay then". Walking to find my locker Hailey is still not there, we have lockers right beside eachother, well okay then, i thought while opening my locker and shoving my book bag in there and getting my history text book. Then someone covers my eyes "Guess who"."Ummm- Hailey..."  I say suspesiously. "You guessed correctly",she says giggling. "Oh Hey" I say with a smile on my face. "Hey im glad we get to spend like a month in the same house we are going to have a blast", she said a bit too loudly. "WOAH,shes staying at are house",Matt asked pointing at me. "Yes she is, have a problem with that",Hailey replys. "No not at all I have more people to annoy during my time" he says with a smirk glancing at me while walking away. "Um that was weird lets get to class before second bell rings",I say."Very".



"I need to pack so i have to go home and get my stuff",I said."Oh okay Ill come with",Hailey says. We get in my car and Hailey puts the radio on blast "One way or Another" plays ,while we sing out loud not carring who see's us. We finally got to my drive way to the empty house knowing my mom is not going to be home. I grab my phone and my keys closing the car door and walking towards the front door. I insert my keys in to the door and unlock the door, walking inside Hailey right behind me being as loud as she is. "Well when we get to my house we are going to-" "Sh lower your voice" I say even though no ones home."Then whats the need to be quiet, but fine" she said with a sigh with a lower voice. Walking up to my room i say " well lets get started". We listened to music while packing my stuff in a large suit case and a carry on bag ,and grabbed my stuff i needed like headphones etc. but Hailey has everything I need. With that I grabbed my stuff and Hailey of course grabbed the lightest bag ,We packed everything in the trunck of my car, heading to Haileys House.





We got to Haileys house and bought my stuff up to her room. We settled down and went down to her basement thats where her "hang out" room is, we started to play Dance Central 3 on the Xbox Kinect. "Hey Im going to use the bathroom you can keep kicking ass at this game", I say. "Yeah Yeah Yeah whatever", she says concentrate on the game to get gold stars. I walk up the stairs of the basement through the kitchen where Matt was, okay i have to think straight. " Hey Alex", Matt says coming closer. Why is he coming closer? Why would he make conversation while his sisters down stairs? Stay cool. "Hey Matt", I say stepping backwards hitting my back against the counter. Matt still coming closer. he says " Why do you seem so nervese around me"? "Why would i be nervese" "Well I dont know",he says while putting his arms on each side of me on the counter. "Nope still not nervese" "You sure"? I nod. "What if i do this"? He kisses me on the cheek, my heart starts racing. "Hey calm down, dont be nervese, i havent even started" he says carressing my cheek then he kisses me on the lips softly, I put my arms around his neck while he lifts me up onto the counter top. "Hey whats taking so long, Alex!" Yells Hailey, me and Matt pull away looking at each other like 'Did that just happen look'?



***** Hey Guys, this is my first story i was wondering what you guys thought of the first chapter so comment what you think leave ideas any suggestions? ******




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