The Dixion's Sister (Glenn love story)

Based on The Walking Dead, your Daryl's sister, Liberty Michelle Dixion, or Libie for short. She is found with Daryl and Merle, and stays in the group with the others. What will happen to her and the ones she loves?


1. The Group

"God fucking dammit! What did they get this time?" Daryl cursed. "A deer, that was a good fucking meal you son of a bitch!" Merle responded by kicking a dead Walker. "Its okay guys...we'll just find something else, I found some berries." I sighed, trying to ease the the tension. 

"Its alright Libie, thanks for trying though." Daryl patted my back. It's been two weeks sense the outbreak, We didn't know if there were any survivors. What if....we were the only ones left?  "Libie! Stop starin' out in space! You'll get bit that way." Merle grunted. I mumbled a sorry and continued on.

Daryl and Merle are my older brothers, when Merle left dad raged on me, but Daryl was there, protecting me. Dad beat me when he was drunk, or angry, but I can't complain, Daryl still has scars from dad... "Libie comon' we gotta go, Walkers are commin'." We ran, avoiding anything "dead". Daryl stopped when a man pointed a gun at his head. "Don't shoot him!" I yelled. The man looked at me, then back at Daryl. "Come on!" 


"So, were you from?" Amy tried to make conversation. A little while ago, the man named Shane found us, took us to his group. He was now questioning my brothers. "Georgia..." I replied quietly. I wasn't much of a talker, dad always said speak when spoken to. "Oh, well that's cool....Wanna meet the rest of the group?" She asked. I nodded yes, looking at Daryl and Merle before getting up and following.

We walked in silence for a moment until Amy said "That's my sister Andria, and over there is Ed, Carol, and her daughter Sophia. You already met Shane, Over there is Lori and Carl." She pointed a a woman and a little boy. "Hey Amy! Come here for a minute!" A older man called. She smiled and dragged me over as well. "And this is Dale." 

"Oh hello there, you must be one of the new people." He smiled and shook my hand. "What's your name dear?" He asked. "Liberty-" Daryl called for me before I could finish. "Libie! Come here!" I jogged over to my brothers, dad never was patient. "Well we're staying here, but me and Merle are gonna' be gone for a while every day to go huntin'. You alright here alone?" I nodded yes, and gave a fake smile.

I didnt know these people, what if they were murders? What if Daryl and Merle weren't here when something happened? 

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