Caught Up In The Moment (Niall&Harry love story)

Katie is a 17 year old highschooler. She meets two guys, Niall and Harry. She is caught in the friend zone with niall, but shes love sick over him. Harry was Katie's hater in grade 4 and suddenly Harry knows niall and goes to the same school. Katie likes harry, but shes going to see how he is first. Enjoy reading.


3. Why now?

When Harry was behind me, he kept poking me. Then he whispered to me, "I like you." I shaked. I'm starting to like him. Should I just see how he is first? Oh my god. I'm sorry I ask too much questions to myself. Anyway I had no clue on what I should say, or do. This is so difficult. I feel love sick. What am I supposed to do now. I'm just going to continue on with Niall and see if Harry reacts in anyway. So we head on into the movie room, Harry was right behind me. He grabbed my hips and hugged me. Niall didn't even notice, he just kept walking. I started to scream. I was desperately in love with Harry but he's just taking it too far. He doesn't understand I really like Niall.. They both stared at me. I got really anxious so I ran to the ladies bathroom. I try to fix myself, but it's no hope. Niall calls my name about five times but I didn't answer so he gave up and left. I started to cry. My eyeliner started running down my cheeks. I hear someone walking near the washroom. I'm scared someone is going to walk in and see me all like this. What am I going to do.. But suddenly I hear a deep attractive voice talking to me calling "Katie? Are you okay?" It was Harry! I want to speak but my voice sounds all sad and scared. "i'm sorry for what I did, I'll leave if you want me to." Harry said slowly. "No Harry! Actually I'm glad you stayed with me. I feel lonely. Did Niall leave?" I said as I was cleaning my makeup off of my cheeks. I wanted to go hug him for saying sorry and being generous enough to stay and wait for me. "He left. Katie he's a jerk. You shouldn't like him, he'll only break your heart." As I walked out of the bathroom, I grabbed him and hugged him tight. I feel safe. He nicely pulls me away and just looks into my eyes and says "I'm sorry. Sorry for everything I've done to hurt you. I just really liked you in grade four, when I'd kick you or threaten you, I just wanted your attention" He flipped his hair and then looked down. I had tears in my eyes. He's wonderful for saying sorry. I don't know now, Niall seemed like a jerk. He just left me, didn't wait for me to be done when I was trying to fix myself. "It's okay. It made me feel better now that you told me the real reason I thought you hated me. Also I do really like you too, I got scared when you grabbed me and picked me up.. I was kinda in love with Niall, but I barely know him anyway." I say. He looked at me for a second then put his head down, looking at his shoes. I felt bad I didn't even know Niall longer than a day, but I did know Harry in grade four up to grade six cause I moved to Canada, but now I'm back in the UK. My dad got transferred to Canada for his new welder job. I say to Hary as I hold his chin up. "Hug me.." He picks me up and asks "Would you like to go home now?" He does a slight giggle as he's holding me. We start to leave in his car. The whole time on the way to my house we talked about soccer. He said he loves it. We finally get to my house and he leaves his car and opened my door. As I get out he kisses my forehead. I start to blush when I walk into my house. I really like Harry. I smile and walk into my bedroom. I change into comfy pants and then go to bed.

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