Caught Up In The Moment (Niall&Harry love story)

Katie is a 17 year old highschooler. She meets two guys, Niall and Harry. She is caught in the friend zone with niall, but shes love sick over him. Harry was Katie's hater in grade 4 and suddenly Harry knows niall and goes to the same school. Katie likes harry, but shes going to see how he is first. Enjoy reading.


4. Mistaken

Heeey I hope you like my story so far, it's my first movella :) well enjoy reading #4 !!


The next day of school, I was walking upstairs to my first class, which was art. i got to my art class, and it turns out that Niall is in it too. This isn't good. Well at least we wont be partners for a project... At least hope not. That would be pure awkwardness. I started to look around a little then the teacher ruined it "Miss Swanson!" Oh yeah, by the way my full name is Katie Leah Swanson. "Pay attention!" The teacher yelled. I turn to look at Niall and he was laughing. Why laugh Niall? "Okay class. We're going to be doing a partner project. You and your partner will be making a mosaic. I will be picking your partners." The teacher scowled. She was choosing partners. I finally hear my name "Katie and.... Niall." Oh no I really do hate the art teacher now. Why couldn't she of put me with the quietest person in the room? Why not a non-creative person? This is going to be total awkwardness between me and Niall. "Okay get with your partners!" She yells. Niall looked at me. He said for me to go over there, so I got my binder, took a deep breath and started walking towards his table. Everything went blurry, I tripped over a mop. That's embarrassing. Niall starts to laugh again."Shut up, aha." I say to him. He held his hand out, I think he wanted to help me up. Wow he's being nice for once. Just kidding. He's always nice but he's a jerk, like I said before."Hey why did you run to the bathroom yesterday?" Niall said as he helped me up. "I've known Harry for a while and he randomly said he likes me. I just started to feel anxious since you both were staring at me." I looked down. "Well I was going to wait for you but my mom called me and she told me she was there to pick me up. My grandma wanted to see  me and Harry was still there to drive you home." He looked embarrassed. I started to feel very guilty. Niall is just an innocent Irish snowflake and I mistaken him by calling him a jerk. The bell rang and everyone went rushing out of class. I started looking around for Harry. I see his hair on the top on the crowd of all the high schoolers, but he's far. There's alot of people in front of us so I just yell "Harry!!" I yell loudly. He heard me, he's coming closer."Hey what's up? Everything okay?" He said as he looked worried and held my hands."No everything is not okay. You considered Niall as a jerk. Lastnight he had to go because his grandma wanted to see him and his mom was already there also." I say. Harry looked very confused. "Well I was talking about before. Katie I've known him in grade 7 until now. I've seen the way he treats girls. All he does is cheat on them. I don't want you getting hurt." He said to me as he flips his and and to my eyes he flipped his hair in slow motion. "Okay, I'm sorry Harry." I say, then hug him. "Kay it's okay." He said. Then we both left for our next class. While I was in gym he started texting me 'hey are you down to chill at lunch in the cafeteria?' Finally the lunch bell rings and I head down to my locker. Harry jump-scares me by poking me and says "Hey Beautiful!" I was just staring into space and Harry moves his hand in the front of my face "Oh sorry ha, just thinking." I say. "About me?" Harry laughs. "Sure haha" I say. Me and Harry start walking to the cafeteria, and Niall bumps my shoulder and says "Hey what are ya doing for lunch?" I look at Harry while he's looking at Niall. "I'm heading to the cafe with Harry." I say. Niall nods and walks away. "What was that all about?" Harry asks. "We're just friends its okay. He told me about why he left yesterday so we're cool now." I try to reason with him. "I hope I don't lose you, your mine okay?" Harry smiled. "What?" I say, "We're not dating?!"

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