Caught Up In The Moment (Niall&Harry love story)

Katie is a 17 year old highschooler. She meets two guys, Niall and Harry. She is caught in the friend zone with niall, but shes love sick over him. Harry was Katie's hater in grade 4 and suddenly Harry knows niall and goes to the same school. Katie likes harry, but shes going to see how he is first. Enjoy reading.


2. Friend Zoned

After school, I start to get ready even though it's only 4, but I didn't care, I wanted to look my best. I'm in love with him. He's perfect. As I hop in the shower I hear my phone buzz. I wait till i'm done showering. When I get out I grabbed the towel and tie my hair in it. I take my phone and read the text that says 'Hey, it's Niall. Is this Katie? Harry gave me your number.' I text back saying, 'Its me, Niall.' I love saying his name it makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. As I finish putting on my clothes I thought I could watch tv for a bit. I'm just sitting here and Niall starts to call me. I freak out. My face turns red, should I answer? Should I say I'm busy until 8? Oh whatever. I answered. "Hey beautiful ya ready?"  He called me beautiful. He likes me. I smile like a retard with nobody around. "I'm ready, but it's only 6." i say. "So? I'm ready. You're ready. Let's hit the road! By the way, what's your address?" He silently spoke. I say to him "35 Holmes Chapel." He said he'll be here in 10. I grab my keys, my phone, my purse and I fix my hair a little. When I'm done freaking out, I hear his car honking. I just laugh out of no where. "OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I MIGHT DATE THE BLONDE BEAUTY!!!!!" I scream excitedly. I get in his car. He stares at me and says, "You look gorgeous, but it's not a date its a friend thing. Still gorgeous though." I just got friend zoned. I sighed very quietly. What if he just wants to be friends? I'll be stuck in the friend zone forever. I really want him. He turns on his car and we leave my driveway. He starts asking me stuff I like. I say "writing poems/stories, play soccer and a lot more stuff." He smiled and kept his eyes on the road. I start to look around his car and I see a soccer ball on his floor. "Do you like it?" Niall smirks. I answer him. "Yes it's pretty haha." Niall turns one more street and I see the mall. I think to myself 'FINALLY.' We start walking and we enter the mall. We walk around for a bit, then I see the movies and a cafe. I'm not sure what one he's going to take me to. But he turns me to the movies. "Can I get two tickets to Beautiful Creatures?" The movie lady hands us our tickets. Me and Niall go up to the popcorn and drinks counter. As we get our popcorn, I see dark brown curly hair behind me.

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