Caught Up In The Moment (Niall&Harry love story)

Katie is a 17 year old highschooler. She meets two guys, Niall and Harry. She is caught in the friend zone with niall, but shes love sick over him. Harry was Katie's hater in grade 4 and suddenly Harry knows niall and goes to the same school. Katie likes harry, but shes going to see how he is first. Enjoy reading.


1. Blonde Beauty

Hi. My name is Katie. I wrote this to tell you all about my love story with Niall Horan and Harry Styles. So here you go, Enjoy :)


It was the start of grade 11. I walked up to my locker while I seen a blonde beauty walk right by the corner of my eyes. I turn around. Was this heaven? I couldn't tell. I slid down my locker while I was staring at him. Everyone looked at me like i was some fool, so I got up and closed my locker and went to class. All day I just thought of him. I don't know why. It seems like I've known him before or something. It got to lunch time, I kept my head down because the blonde beauty was in the room. I like calling him the blonde beauty, it explains him perfectly. I couldn't help but go his lunch table. I didnt care, nobody was with him he looked lonely. I move my hair out of my face and say, "Hey have you gone to this school before?" He didn't notice me. He just dug into his food like a pig, but a very cute pig. He finally looked up at me, wiped his lips and smiled at me. His teeth glittered like the sun. He had beautiful see-through braces. I'm like, 'You're too perfect for braces.' He finally spoke. "Hey how are ya?" Oh my god he has a gorgeous Irish accent. I died a little inside. I couldn't speak. He looked confused. "hello? are you ok?" I say, "yes i'm fine. Just thinking about how the school year is going to be. Anyway, i'm fine." It feels like he likes me. He hasn't taken his eyes off of me. While we're staring awkwardly at eachother, my old grade 4 friend, Harry Edward Styles appeared. He had a fancy quiff with a cotton gray sweater with dark blue jeans on. He stared at me. What was happening? DO they both like me? This was scary. Harry used to hate me. He'd kick me, throw spit balls at me, even give me dirty look and threaten me. Now it seems like I'm his goddess. As I look at Harry and that blonde beauty, I tell them that I have to go gym for a soccer practice. As soon as I leave Harry leaves too. "Okay well first, come with me to the mall at 8:00. By the way my names' Niall. Niall James Horan. He smiles. Oh his name. It makes sense now, that name matches him perfectly.


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