my love

THIS IS NOT MY FANFIC, I AM JUST POSTING IT FOR PEOPLE TO READ! it's written by @Maliks_love and it's one of the best fanfics out there!


1. my story

so i putz on sum lipstik

nd a light shade ov


nd go to starbux. wen i got der, hairy stylerz

waz der. i gotz so

weht tht i dropped mah 

coffee on hem. "s0 srry 

hairy!1" i strted crieng.

"nuh bby itz ok. i luff

u." i loOk3d in2 his 

green orbz. he took

meh to meet hiz friend 

lewis. "hai! wanna carot?!1" lewis sad.

"ssry i ate em all.." neil 

smiled at da ground 

bc he dun know he 

bootyfull. leim came nd

gave neil therapy while

i unzipped zens jacket

wit mah teeth. we moaned nd i got preg.

my siszter got canser wah. lewis fell in luv

with my siszter so i got

jelly bc i kinda luff lewis. neil thru a potato at mah sister nd

she dyed. lewis jumped 

off a clif. we all g0tz

sad but i got raped by

a homelez man. leim hit

him wit a spune nd i 

realised leim is mah love.


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