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Bella lives in london, but finds out she has to move because her moms new job. She has to find someway to tell her best friend Harry Styles, they've been best friends since 3rd grade and grew up together since, unfortunately, she has been wanting to tell him how she really feels about him...but will he feel the same?


1. First day of summer.

Bellas POV: 

It's finally summer which usually means always hanging out with harry everyday. I reach for my phone and hear a knock on my door. I open it. It's Harry of course.  I smile and laugh, signaling him to come in.

"I see you brought some movies."                                                
"Well, its the first day of summer, I figured we could pull an allnighter."

He puts in my favorite movie, Grown Ups.  We usually just watch movies all night and sometimes eat all the food in my house. I could tell something was on his mind after we got done watching a couple movies.

"Hey, what's wrong?"  "
"Oh, nothings wrong."
"Are you sure?"

He  hesitated for a moment.

"Yeah, but could we talk about something?"
"Well yeah, of course."

I was kind of scared of what he wants to talk about.

  He's never been weird like this.

"Well, um I kinda like someone."


Anyone but her. 

She is the biggest, most ignorant person I know.

She hates my guts, and I'm not to fond of her either.

I kinda studderd.

"Well, uh um, does she like you?"

I already knew she did, she hates me all because I'm his best friend.

But I didn't know what else to say.

"I asked her to dinner tomorrow."
"Oh..well have fun."
"You're not mad are you?" "Why would I be?" 
"I just figured because your acting kinda strange."

I faked a laugh.

I didn't want to tell him she hates me, and I hate her because he seems to really like her.

Before we finished all the movies I fell asleep.

I could hear harry getting something, and he covered me up with a blanket  and layed on the couch next to the one I was on. 

I just lyed there thinking what would happened if they started to date.

I was worried. 

I woke up the next morning and harry was gone.

I looked at my phone, and there was a text message from harry.

Harry :D : Hey I had to leave early, I had to do some chores. Be back later!

I replied okay.'

I wanted to tell him about me and felicity.

But I just couldn't.    


Harrys POV : 

I Feel like when I told Bella about Felicity she seemed upset.

I really hope she's fine with it. I mean she is my best friend her opinion matters to me. I think I'm going to go back over her house and make sure.

I texted her telling her I'll be over there soon.

She's probably worried about our friendship. But nothing is going to change, I'm still going to make time for her.





     ********* Hi, this is my fist book so I'm working really hard. It's a little short but the next one will be longer.  Tell me what you guys think! Please like <333 Thanks :D  

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