Back for you

Bella lives in london, but finds out she has to move because her moms new job. She has to find someway to tell her best friend Harry Styles, they've been best friends since 3rd grade and grew up together since, unfortunately, she has been wanting to tell him how she really feels about him...but will he feel the same?


3. feeling left out

Bellas POV:


I wasn't sure how I really feel about harry all I know is that he has been my best friend forever. Everything felt right when I am with him. He has texted me but we haven't really hung out in a while. I really miss that. But he has a girlfriend now so I respect that.

Even though she is the worst person to date I just want him to be happy.

I hope he keeps his promise to me...


Harry's POV:


I feel bad about skipping movie nights with Bella. 

I really am starting to miss her, I don't know what ill do when she moves.

She's my Best Friend.

Felicity is a really nice girl, and I'm happy. 

I know Bella supports me in everything I do. 

I don't know what I'd do without her. 



A month after Harry not talking to Bella. ****





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