Arch way

First book soo don't judge me. It's were readers are in Clarke's and Lily's prospective as they go through a nice relationship as they fight people and odd creatures as a hoby


1. Prologue

I woke up in a pitch black room. My head hurt, felt like I've been hit in the head with a baseball bat. The cold metal ground seemed to be moving. Some light broke through the hanger doors above. Finally I reach the top then I saw a arrow wizzing passed me. Then a arrow hit my leg, i started to bleed as a girl walked out of the bushes. I tried talking but it didn't come out. The girl said "only talk when i want you to or ill kill ya." She started talking "My name is Lily, whats your name?" I started talking finally "my name is Clarke, nice way to say hi to people." Everything went black then I passed out.

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