Arch way

First book soo don't judge me. It's were readers are in Clarke's and Lily's prospective as they go through a nice relationship as they fight people and odd creatures as a hoby


2. Chapter 1: Lily

I suddenly I woke up in a hurry. To see I awoke in a tent on a make-shift bed. Lily walked in, saying "your lucky that arrow didn't have poison in it." She grabbed a bottle of water from the bedside table. She openned it, putting to my lips and then I started drinking. I drank the whole bottle and started looking around. Lily was saying you're kinda cute and don't take the whole bed thats the only one I got." "How long was I a sleep" I said. "Only five hours now move over" said Lily. I moved over, She blew out the candle and jumped in the bed. She started cuddling  me, I felt odd and I was freaked out in my head. The next day I woke up finding Lily on top of me sleeping.


I whispered "Lily wake up it's sunrise." She punched me in the face and I rolled out from under her onto the ground. Lily got up finally and then stepped on me as I screamed in pain. "oh my god are you ok" said Lily? "Kinda, how did you sleep?" I said. "It was warmer then the other nights alone" said Lily. She started to blush and then I walked outside. I made a fire to cook some fish Lily catched. I heard some sounds like robot's moving. Lily hurried me alone into the tent and put the fire out. Lily whispered " the Command Guide was close, you could of killed yourself." "Well you should of told me" I said! "shut your mouth or they'll find us" Lily whispered. A humanoid-robot appeared, it scanned the area then left. Two hours later it was almost dark and Lily made food. "Why does it get dark so fast" I said?  It just Omega year it turns dark really fast" Lily said. "Let's go to bed" said Lily. I jumped into the bed and Lily jumped on me and kissed me on the cheek good night. I fell a sleep easier and gracefully then last night.


I woke up to find Lily missing, I was sad with a side of being totally freaked out. I ran outside to find a guy with his chest ripped open. I found his wallet, his name was Eric Gally. The Command Guide must have found him. Lily came out of the bush into the camp carrying five rabbits. I had a sigh of relif then got back to the fire to warm myself up. "Lily i found that man over there, his name is Eric Gally and did the Command Guide find him" I said? "Yes he got killed by them" Lily said sadly. "Come closer to me Lily, it's been a sad day in... where are we?" I said with confusion. " we are in Arch way" said Lily. I held her hand as we cooked two rabbits. One hour later after breakfast I kissed her on the lips. She blushed, it was the happiest day until...the Command Guide ran into the camp destroyed the camp fire. As we pretented to be dead. After two hours of pertenting to be dead they finally fled the camp. We went to bed but it was different. She jumped on me again, frist slapped me across the face. "Your fixing that firepit tommorrow" Lily said outragously. She kissed me good night and fell a sleep on my chest.


I fell a sleep ten minutes later. In the morning I fixed the firepit. Set up sone snares that Lily teached me to make. After breakfast i check the snares to find a guy with his arm stuck in it.

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