Today's the day

Harry Styles fanfiction.
Today bella and her best friend Olivia are finally going to a One Direction concert. What will happen when they go to the after signings? Will one of the boys fall for Bella?


1. Concert

Today is the day we are going to see one direction! We, as in my Best friend Olivia and I. Oh by the way mine name is Bella. Yesterday Olivia stayed the night at my house so we could get up early and get ready. After I got up I took a shower, got dressed, and did my hair and  makeup. We decided not to dress up. I'm going to wear A black shirt long sleeve shirt that says 'music's the answer' and shows a tiny bit of my stomach with some dark skinny jeans, and some silver toms to match the lettering on my shirt. My makeup was Black eyeliner only on my water line, some mascara and a little natural colored eyeshadow. I just straitened my long, brown hair and left it down. By the time i was done getting ready Olivia was just waking up. "Come on Liv, we still have to get our nails done." Olivia never gets up early. "I'm starving!!! Can we get something to eat before we go?" "Yeah if you hurry!" After Olivia finally got done getting ready we got some dunkin' donuts and went to our nail appointment. I decided to just get my nails painted hot pink, but Olivia decided to get fake nails. The concert was at one and it was twelve already, so we decided to just leave from the nail saloon and go straight to the concert so we could get there early. The concert was in Chicago, 15 minutes from where I lived.

The concert was packed and loud. "Oh my god when we leave here i'm gonna need a hearing aid." I yelled to Olivia while holding my ears. "I know!" We made our way through the crowd and to our seat, pushing through people. I accidentally ran into a girl about my age. She had blonde hair and was really pretty. "I'm so sorry, are you okay." "What the hell, what where you're going." She giving me the ugliest look. "She said she was sorry." Olivia said kind of rude."Ugh whatever." She said and walked away.

The concert was amazing. They played eleven songs. After the concert was over we went to the after signings. I noticed in front of us was a little girl, about 6 or 7, that looked like she was going to cry. "Are you okay, love?" "Yeah, im just excited." she said. "Oh, who is your favorite?" "Liam." she said in the sweetest voice. "oh well my name is Bella, what is yours?" "Morgan."  she said "Well, Morgan guess what? It is your turn to go." I told her and she hugged me and turned around. I looked up from the hug and saw Harry staring at me. I hope I didn't blush. After Morgans turn, it was our turn. First we got Liam, then Zayn, Niall, and Louis' autograph. Then we got to Harry. "Was that your sister back there?" harry asked me "Morgan, oh no shes not."I said a little shocked that he noticed me talking to her. "Oh well I was just wondering if I could have your number." Harry asked. Are you serious? Harry asked me for my number? "Uh..Yeah, sure." I wrote down my number on Harry's hand. Then I started to walk away. "oh...wait umm.. can i have a picture?" Harry asked me. I giggled a little and said "shouldn't I be asking you that?" harry just grinned. "Oh but you have to promise not to put it on twitter. "I promise." Harry said as we pinky promised. Harry pulled his phone out of his pocket. "Hey Liv, can you take a picture?" I asked as Harry handed her his phone. Olivia stood there star struck. "uh..yeah yeah, sure." After we took the picture Harry smiled and said "I'll send it to you. Bye, Love." He said while the boys smiled at me. "Bye Harry." I said as we walked away.

"Oh my god." Olivia said "I know."

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