save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


10. wait what?!

Nialls POV:

shit! she asked me where we are going how am i supposed to tell her that the flat burned down?! ya the day i brought her to the hospital liam called me saying the house was on fire and the fire tucks were on their way they were all able to grab things on their way out zayn got a necklace and a bear perrie gave him, louis got a bracelet his sister gave him and a family photo that was on his dresser, harry got his laptop and his camera that had all his pictures in it since he was 13,he never ended up printing them out, liam got a stack of photos from a drawer in his room, and as for me liam got some things of ours out of our room i could never thank him enough for what he did for me and molly he got me a family photo and my ireland flag that was above my bed that me and my friends signed when we graduated middle school and as for molly he got her small duffell bag she packed when she first came here witch had a few photos and some clothes and a picture of me and her that was on her dresser. "ill umm explain everything when we get there..." she gives me a 'what the hell are you talking about' look i jus"t look at the road and stay silent not knowing what to say to her we pull up to the hotel parking lot and i park the car ina space in front and just there for a minute "soo.....whats going on?" she asks ok niall you can do this grow a pair damn it! "well the day i brought you to the hospital...."  "yaa..."  "the flat burned down because i forgot the burner was on when i left!" i say and feel tears prickle at my eyes but i dont let them come out "wait w-what?!" she yells and starts crying with her head in her hands i rub her back and tell her we should go inside "hey its ok liam got some of your stuff before the left" "what! he did?! oh my god im going to kill him when i get in there!' i was confused "wait why?" i ask "because i freaking love him!!" i laugh and take her hand as i get out of the car she drags me while shes running to the elevator like a mother and her child "come onnnnnn niallll your soo slowwwwwwwwwww uhhhhggggggg" she whines as she runs and drags me behind her "molly slow down slow down damn haha" we step in the elevator "witch floor are we on?" she asks "15" i tell her we are on the top floor with 3 rooms one for zayn and liam one for harry and louis and one for me and molly all the rooms are next to each other in that order from left to right so me and molly are at the end of the hall way "witch room is liams?" she asks "401" i reply she nods and when the elevator finally goes dingggg meaning we're at our floor she basically walks through the door she doesnt even wait for it to open all the way she shes running down the hal looking at the room numbers on the door "YES" i hear her yell "no worries i found it!!!" she tells i laugh at her she pounds on the door and waits a minute i step back not knowing what she'll do when liam answers the door "LIAM!" she yells and jumps on him and hugs him and kisses his cheeks like an old posh french women i dont really care i know she doesnt like him like that i just laugh at liam struggling to get up from under her "woah woah woah whats going on?" he asks while laughing and picking her up her arms still wrapped around her neck she starts crying again 

mollys POV: 

i have my arms wrapped around liam like a vice kissing his i dont like him and we both know it but hes basically my brother now so neither of them complain when he asks whats going on i whisper in his ear "niall told me you went back and saved my pictures thank you so much liam   love you and your the best person in the entire world" he laugh a little and whspers back "its ok it was no  problem i love you too molly" i finally let him free and he over dramatically breathes as if ive almost killed him we laugh and go into harry and louis' room to find everybody else there when i walk in they all look at me then go back to their business then do a double take and spring up off the beds "MOLLYYYYYYYYY"!!!!!!!!! they all scream and tackle me in a giant group hug when niall picks me up....yes they actually TACKLED me we're still laughing and i sit on the bed in between niall and louis im very close to him too i can tell him anything and he tells me everything we dont keep secrets he also taught me how to dress i know kinda awkward right? but it was fun and now hes like my brother too me and him always hang out and have fun when the other guys are out neither of us has feelings for the other like that though we are all just talking and stuff then theres a knock at the door niall stands up and pulls the door open and when i see whos in the hall way my jaw is on the ground and im pretty confident i stopped breathing for a minute.



sorry its short but i had to give you guise somethin ;) who could be at the door? hmm comment who you think it is moo hahahahahahhahahahaha >:3


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