save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


2. the truth

Nialls POV:

i wake up in mollys room with my arms around her on her bed her face is stil a little red from crying last night shes facing me,i look at her face damn shes beautiful! she has long light brown hair, big blue/green eyes, naturally long eyelashes,pink cheeks,and full pink lips they look really soft too. i touch her cheek for a second and she opens her eyes "good mornin beautiful" her face is almost instantly red "um thanks,good morning" she gets up and walks to the bathroom and did i mention he has a nice bum too? what?! im a guy, natural instincts i guess? while i laugh to myself for being such an idiot she comes out "um do you think i could borrow some clothes? im sorry for being such troub-" "course babe  its no problem" i go over to my room across the hall and get my free hugs tee shirt and my smallest pair of grey sweatpants i bring them to her and smile "thanks" god her smile is amazing! "no problem" i walk out so she her..stuff...? i dont know but i do know is im starving!! i run downstairs and almost die because i tripped and fell down the last 4 or 5 steps i get up and laugh at myself. i decide on waffles, ya waffles are good i put 6 waffles in the toaster, 4 for me , 2 for molly i smile to myself and make scrambles eggs while doing a little dance to 'kiss you'  in the middle of the kitchen using my spatula as my microphone haha im such a dumbass mean while molly comes down the stairs and i dont even hear her she sit down and says "hahaha oh i didnt know Ren Mccormack (note my footloose mentioning) lived here" she laughs while she says it with makes me laugh and once we both calm down a bit i yell "LETS DAAANCE" and we both laugh and start dancing in the kitchen and sing that whole song even though i just met her i really like this girl. i finish the eggs and decide to make bacon too i push the button down on the toaster so they will be ready when the bacon is and finally everything is done i make her and i our plates and bring syrup and orange juice to the table "wow niall i-..thank you..ive never eaten this much before.." i decide not to ask her about it and just smile and start to eat im done within 10 minutes and just talk with her about random stuff our favorite colors,movies,music but for some reason i feel like she isnt telling me something when shes done i take our plates and cups and put them in the dish washer and we go up to my room she walks in after me and "oh shit i forgot im a total pig sorry.." damn it! wayta embarrass myself -.- while shes not looking i rip down my swimsuit calender-again im a guy ok? she looks around and plops down on the bed and i laugh and plop down next to her she sighs i decide this is my chance to ask "soo...what happened...last night when you came into the store you looked scared..." she waits a minute before saying " father well he doesnt deserve to be called that i call him john, well he- she starts to cry so i hold her and sit against the headboard with her in between my legs and my arms wrapped around her-" he beat me every day and every night when he got home but i learned to deal with it by...".-she hold up her arms to show me a ton of small horizontal pink scars up and down her arms- "and one night he had come home more drunk then usual and screamed my name i came down the stairs and he pulled e by my hair....up to his bed room....he...."she finally chokes out-" he raped me".


sorry its short i just wanted it to be dramatic! DUN DUN DUUUUNNN

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