save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


3. the mall

Mollys POV:

i cant stop crying i feel so weak i usually never cry. i learned not to cry in front of john because he would just keep punishing me. bit i feel safe here with Niall, in his strong, protective arms. "shh molly its ok" once i finally calm down i get to nerve to look up at him, his eyes are filled with pure rage even though hes trying to hide it from me i ask "whats wro-"  "im going to fucking kill him. that filthy bastard who the fuck does he think he is?!" hes really upset so i just let him keep yelling "where does he live? where does he work? how old is he?" i cut him off "Niall calm down, its over now im not there anymore..." he looks somewhat better and gets up to take a shower i just sit on the bed and wait

Nialls POV:

im going to fucking kill this son of a bitch. i dont want to end up upsetting molly so i leave the room and try to calm down and get in a really hot shower, i dont realize its at least 600 fucking degrees in here because im so mad i just stand there thinking about ways i can punish him. damage him. kill him. i get out and wrap a towel around my waist. wow of course i forgot to grab clean clothes. why wouldnt i? god im such a dumb ass! i just hope she went back to her room...nope. awkward. "i um clothes..." ok that was more then a blush both of our faces are on fire. "oh no um im sorry ... i um ill go.." she stands up and awkwardly goes back to her room. i curse myself for being so awkward... what ever i get dressed in a white tee shirt and some blue skinny jeans, fix my hair,put on some deotorant and spray on some cologne. im going to bring molly shopping, seeing as she has no clothes i knock on her door "come in" i open her door to find her sitting on her bed she blushes, seeing me "i almost didnt recognize you with clothes on" we both laugh "come on lets go" i smile and hold out my hand, ya i know im corny, but she takes it kind of nervous "umm..where are we going?" i make a funny face and pose and in the girliest voice possible "um shopping duhhh" we both laugh again "oh hold on i have some mon-" "nope its on me" she trys to argue but i win. "you dont have to do this for me you know" "i know.i want to" and with that we pull up the mall and i take her hand and start walking "ok where do you want to go first?"  "um..i dont know ive never been shopping before"  "ok well i know some stores lou's sisters go to" we walk up to Hollister and go in "hi can i help you find anything today?" the girl at the register asks "um no thank you were ok" molly walks over to some racks of girls clothes and i pick out a sweatshirt i lie and sit on a bench while she looks around "Niall this stuff is really expensive i dont want you to waist your money on me"  "trust me its fine i definitely have enough money"  "ok. fine..." she end up picking out 2 pairs of skinny jeans 2 tee shirts 2 sweatshirts and a belt. we bring our stuff to the counter and i hide the number on the little screen so she wont get upset thinking ive spent too much. we hav one bag so i carry it ot.

Mollys POV:

now that i think about it i rally like Niall shes funny,sweet,kind, and really understanding about all that i have told him. We walk into a store called Areopostal and i pick out a pretty llight blue lacy dress ya its winter but you need a dress...dont you? i dont even know. i pick out a black tight skirt called a pencil skirt, and an off white top that has lacy 3/4 sleeves and a lace back i also pick out some necklaces and things like that and a light pink sweatshirt that says Aero on it and we leave with another bag and go to a shoe store where Niall finds a pair of white high top Nike sneakers and i pick out a pair of black Converse, a pair of light brown Ugg boots, a pair of black high heels and some red Toms. while we check out Niall giggles at the Toms i let it go though. we walk out with a total of 3 bags and Niall puts them in the trunk of his car and we hop in "thank you Niall, for everything" i kiss his cheek. holy shit how did i just do that?! ive never kissed a boy! but it felt right... "y-your welcome its no problem" his cheeks still pink from me kissing his cheek. we drive back to his house and get out, he grabs the 3 bags and we walk up the to the house in a comfortable silence he unlocks the door and steps in behind me and sets the bags down. me being my clumsy self manages to trip on the mat in front of the door but niall catches me before i hit the ground "woah careful" mimicking what he said the first tme i tripped but his time when i stand up he looks in my eyes then at my lips and leans in i panic and turn my head oh my god im a terrible person "Niall im really sorry i just...i dont know what to do ive...never kissed a boy..." i say while looking at my shoes awkwardly he stands in front me and puts his arms around my waist "its ok" he looks into my eyes "i shouldnt  have been so stupid anyway"  "no it wasnt your fault its mine lets just um go upstairs" he smiles and grabs the bags and drops them off in my room and we go and hang out in his room,lay on his bed and watch a movie called "The Hunger Games" ive never heard of it well for obvious reasons, but it was amazing! when its done i face him, still laying down "now what do you want to do?" i ask its about 5pm " you want to meet the guys?"  "what guys?"  "my band, One Direction there are 5 of us i think you will really like them" he smiles at me so i answer "ok sure" i smile and go take a quick shower and wash my hair and i put on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans from Hollister one of nialls hoodies, its black and says "free hugs" on it in red and the red Toms i bought earlier, i brush my hair and put on some light makeup, a bit of cover up and some mascara. i hear a car pull up so i come stairs Niall looks at me and pretends to be offended "awh guurrl i know you didnt take my sweatshirrrt" an snaps his fingers in a Z formation witch makes me laugh so much i have to sit down. the knock at the door calm us both down some.

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