save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


13. the 1

nialls POV:

i havnt stopped crying since the other day i havnt eaten or slept either, they wont let me see molly yet so ive been waiting here until i can right now im in the waiting room sprawled across three chairs and getting a range from sympathetic-'ew wtf are you doing here' looks the past day and a half but to be honest i really dont give a shit i just want to see my girl, even if shes not exactly stable at the moment i dont care i will love her no matter what, i will love her 'until death do us part' just then a nurse in light blue scrubs came out she looked at me and smiled "shes asleep but you can see her now mr.horan" i jumped up and ran down the hall  "WAIT WHAT ROOM IS SHE IN??" i screamed in her direction "118!!!!!" she screamed back i ran down the hall further until i got to the elevator i pushed the 2nd floor button not even bothering about the 2 other people in the elevator i keep pushing it furiously as it rises, i realized it must be pretty awkward so i turn around to find a man and a women probably about mid 30's he has his arm around her shoulder, i smile and nod and he does the same "whats on the second floor?" he asks i look at him and make eye contact "my girlfriend" he gives me a look of sympathy and nods "go get her" he says when the door opens "thank you" i say to him before stepping out of the doors, i wait for hem to close before running like a maniac down the corridor looking at the passing numbers waiting for the three glorious number that are 1,1,8 im now fast walking and i look like a retarded penguin trying to run i start to say them ot loud "112, 113 ,114 ,115,116,117,118,119,12-WAIT!!! 118 YESSS PRAISE THE LORD! i back up two doors and look thru the slim window  on the door and see her stirring signaling shes going to wake up soon i rush in the door quietly and stand next to her bed, wanting to be the first thing she see's she finally flutters her eyes open but shuts them again "mmmm" she mumbles in an annoyed tone i finally realize what she means and turn off half the  lights this rime shhe slowly opens her eyes "niall? aye niall its great to see you buddieee!" she shouts she tries to get up but i walk over there, tears threatening my eyes "do you remember anything molly?" i say quietly "what are you talking about ni ni?" "so you dont remember me?"  "of course i do we were friends right?", thats it. i start sobbing in the chair acroos her bed and she looks at me confused i cant even begin to explain everything to her right now . i leave the room for some air and the nurse from downstairs sees me "why are you upset niall?" she asks me softly putting a hand on my back "s-she d-doesnt remember me o-or anything that happened" i whisper-yell she has confused printed on her face right now "what are you talking about?, she was going on and on about how much she loved you and how she would marry you and have children with you" 

what the fuck?!

mollys POV:

shiiitt. i hear niall yell so he must know the truth now i dont know how im going to tell him ive been faking the past few days?



MOO HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA >:3 soory its short buuuuut DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUNNN VAS HAPPENING?!?!?!? hehehe what do u think's gonna happen with niall and molly hmmmm? ;) ill update soon

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