save you tonight

Molly is not a regular 18 year old girl. she used to be, why isnt she? well because her "father" well john to her, abuses her and drinks. a lot. but what happens when shes running his errands? will Niall Horan change her life for good? read and find out :)


6. oh shit....

nialls POV:

i feel terrible for Molly, the way she broke down last night i wake up, her small body against my bare chest, her brows crinkled up as if shes having a nightmare but she hasnt moved or anything so i let it go and slide out of the bed careful not to wake her and go down to make some breakfast im in the middle of making pancakes when i hear molly scream i jump  up and bolt for the room i throw open the door "molly?! what happened?! are you ok?!" but she just sits up in the bed, her eyes empty and staring into space "molly?" i wave my hand in front of her face but still no response i shake her shoulders "Molly? molly?! molly?!?!" i pick her up and put her in the passenger seat and speed to the hospital she doesnt do anything the whole ride just pale and lifeless i park in front of the hospital pick her up and run in "someone help me please!! i need a doctor!!" next thing i know Molly is on a stretcher and being wheeled away and im running after her yelling for them stop to let me come with her but the doctor just says "sir you will need to sit in the waiting room until further notice" i finally give up and sit in a waiting room chair for about and hour crying and thinking of how i saw her face and leaving her there to her nightmares clutches all alone upstairs while was maki-.....oh no. shit .shit! SHIT! and in that moment i realize something....i left the stove on while everybody was asleep.



sorry its short but you'll thank me in the next chapter ;) who like the drama twist? :D

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